‘I am a Knight!’

Hi everyone,

I have a great book for you today! Emily Knight: I Am by A. Bello is a wonderful story about a girl who is strong, powerful, and loyal to herself.


How does it feel to be different and misunderstood? And who cares? Emily Knight is young and famous, self-aware and intelligent. But what if the one thing that makes Emily different also makes her a target for evil? Can she defend herself…and everything she loves?

A.Bello breaks boundaries with this gritty and gripping fantasy novel


I wish I had read this book in my early teens. Everything about the characters and story is pieced together like a fantasy puzzle waiting to reveal its magic.

Emily is an incredibly strong protagonist and explores themes relatable to children… will I be good enough? Will I fit in? Will I live up to expectations? And importantly, who really am I? This novel sparks coming of age questions relatable to young adult by reflecting new challenges in a fantasy world. This unique and clever story follows Emily as she faces obstacles, goes to new heights, and gives a fresh look at what it means to be yourself.

A.Bello’s narrative, although within the fantasy realm, takes on such emotion and imagery that the story exists in real life. I loved the characters and connected with them deeply. I was hooked from start to finish and would have loved characters like Emily to look up to when I was younger. Although a fantasy novel, there are gritty undertones of mature themes and real trials the characters must face.

On top of the grown-up issues Emily must deal with, she also has problems that children face in the real world, in turn, projecting this novel once again into the real world. Ranging from school mischief and fitting in to the difficult bullies, Bello takes these issues in Emily’s stride and opens up conversations between her characters and readers.


As I said before, I would have loved to have read this book when I was younger. It’s a wonderful story and I am so glad Bello has written more books exploring Emily’s story. What a gorgeous book for young adults, although I would also recommend it to adults too as I really enjoyed it!

Emily Knight: I AM is available on amazon

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Thank you to A. Bello for my copy of Emily Knight I AM! I AM going to check out the rest of the series! 😉

Happy reading! Lx

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