I’m Lauren and this is my book blog!

I have reviewed books on request for Authors including Lola Jaye (Click Here!) and Isabella May (Click Here!) in addition to reviewing books on request from publishers including Penguin, Penguin Random House (Click Here!), Crooked Cat Books, and many more!

I also review self-published and indie authors, and write my own reviews for classic stories such as The Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye. I have provided endorsement’s for Oh! What a Pavlova and A Presence of Absence and also take part in book promotions and blog tours!

So, how did Books Beyond The Story begin?

I love books (duh!) and also love reviewing them… some of my favourite novels were discovered from looking at reviews from other people! My aim is to inspire people to read, maybe read a different genre than you normally would, or ignite a spark for people to join the bibliophile world themselves! I am also a keen writer and am working on several books myself too. Hope you enjoy my blog! Feel free to follow/comment on my blog’s other pages! Hope to see you there!

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All pictures are taken by me unless otherwise credited. All reviews & recommendations are my own unless otherwise credited.

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A little more about me…

In addition to my university studies, ‘Books beyond the story’ was a way for me to explore the beauty of writing and reading and one of the reasons I became a book blogger. I write myself and love making up stories! I have a wonderful family and boyfriend who support me and put up with my love of books! In my opinion, I’m an easy buy for xmas and birthdays 😉

I have a wonderful and fluffy dog who sits with me whilst I read and I’m sure will make a few appearances on my feed! All in all, I love books, I love to review and recommend! And I love to write.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read, comment, like and/or follow! If you want a book reviewing or reccomending, look at the ‘Contact’ page

Happy reading! L x