‘Gone in plain sight…’

Hi everyone!

I’m on the blog tour today for Then She Vanishes by Claire Douglas… what a rollercoaster ride that was!


One missing. One a murderer. One trying to find the truth.

Flora has her whole life ahead of her – until the summer night she vanishes.

Her sister Heather was a good girl – until the spring morning she kills two people.

Jess Fox was once like a sister to them both.

But called home to investigate Heather’s crime, she begins to wonder if she really knew either sister at all . . .


If it’s one thing I love, it’s crime thrillers- but this takes it to a whole new level. Douglas carefully takes a solid family structure and obliterates it before our very eyes. Two sisters, one truth, but can Jess discover what really happened?

For me, the characters make this story. Douglas’ description and imagery brings them to life before the reader’s eyes. Jess is a likeable character who we sympathise with immediately. The reader is thrown into the deep end along with Jess to uncover the secrets that haunted her childhood friends. What she discovers though, is that perhaps she never knew them at all…

Additionally, I enjoyed the setting. It felt a bit nostalgic for me as it was based at the sea-side. However, I think anyone returning to their childhood place would connect with Jess because in addition to her own past, she has to investigate the sisters’ too.

The plot is like an adrenaline rush of a who-dunnit. Agatha Christie would be proud! But there is more than one mystery to solve. Something lurks in plain sight as Jess comes closer to finding out what happened to Flora and Heather, something she might not want to find out.


An impressive and claustrophobic thriller that shocks you to the core. Douglas has created a family’s worst nightmare and then made it a million times worse!

The twists and turns in this novel will make you doubt your own mind as Douglas takes you on a ride you won’t forget…

Thank you to Penguin Random House and their media team for my copy! And thank you to the author, Claire Douglas.

Paperback officially out August 8th!

Happy reading! Lx

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