‘Into the surreal(ism)…’

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to be on the blog tour today for The Diver and The Lover by Jeremy Vine!!

What’s it about?

Soaked in sunlight, love and the mysteries surrounding a famous artist The Diver and the Lover is a novel inspired by true events.
It is 1951 and sisters Ginny and Meredith have travelled from England to Spain in search of distraction and respite. The two wars have wreaked loss and deprivation upon the family and the spectre of Meredith’s troubled childhood continues to haunt them. Their journey to the rugged peninsula of Catalonia promises hope and renewal.

While there they discover the artist Salvador Dali is staying in nearby Port Lligat. Meredith is fascinated by modern art and longs to meet the famous surrealist.

Dali is embarking on an ambitious new work, but his headstrong male model has refused to pose. A replacement is found, a young American waiter with whom Ginny has struck up a tentative acquaintance.

The lives of the characters become entangled as family secrets, ego and the dangerous politics of Franco’s Spain threaten to undo the fragile bonds that have been forged.

A powerful story of love, sacrifice and the lengths we will go to for who – or what – we love.

(Official blurb for text)



Wow. This book. I absolutely loved it! I devoured it within a matter of days!

Vine’s story is one of wonder, creativity, and love. I was not expecting a novel with such a rich and powerful history! This dramatic tale will have readers begging for more!

Vine’s use of imagery really transports you into the novel: everything from the scenery, setting, characters, and plot are all tied together with the narrative.

I also really enjoyed the focus on art. For such a well known artist, I enjoyed the metafiction surrounding Dali. Vine’s book, in a way, brings him back to life.

This story also keeps you guessing. I couldn’t stop reading at one point because I just HAD to know what happened. Vine creates suspense but also lets the narrative build and develop with the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed Ginny and Meredith’s relationship and how they each overcome different things in their lives.

This mysterious and deep drama is perfect for fans of historical fiction, mysteries, and an escapism into the world of art!

I really like Vine’s work (he’s a very popular TV broadcaster and presenter in the UK) but he can easily add ‘amazing author’ to his bio too! I’m very excited for his next book!

The Diver and The Lover is out TOMORROW! Available online or in all good bookstores. 

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the tour below!

A huge thank you to Jenny Platt and Coronet for my gifted copy of this book!

Happy reading! Lx

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