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I’m on the blog tour today for Amy Binns’ book, Hidden Wyndham, organised by the fantastic Anne Carter of Random Things Blog Tours. I am honoured to be kicking off the tour!


John Wyndham redefined science fiction. His dystopian classic The Day of the Triffids and the eerie alien children of The Midwich Cuckoos left a lasting legacy on our imaginations.
Yet despite his popularity, his obsessive need for privacy led to him being known as “the invisible man of science fiction”. In Hidden Wyndham, Amy Binns reveals for the first time the woman who was the inspiration for his strong-minded heroines. Their secret love affair sustained this gentle and desperately shy man through failure, war, and, ultimately, success.
Hidden Wyndham shows how Wyndham’s own disturbing war experiences – witnessing the destruction of London in the Blitz then as part of the invading British army in France and Germany – inspired and underlay his dystopian masterpieces.
It provides an insight into the lives of men and women who refused to live by the oppressive rules of society in the mid-20th century. Many extracts from his letters are included, along with his own photographs.


Wow. This book.

I am a huge fan of John Wyndham’s work. I loved The Day of the Triffids, my very first Wyndham novel, and that started my love for science-fiction. I think it’s true that an author puts pieces of themselves in their books, how can they not? Wyndham’s novels are favourited classics that have stood the test of time, but what about the man behind these stunning works of literature? Who was John Wyndham?

Amy Binns’ book Hidden Wyndham concentrates on the man behind the fiction, the real-life author whose personal life and back story is fascinating. I had no idea who Wyndham was until I read Binns’ book.

This man with a complex history and even more interesting personal life has been magnified by Binns in a way that delicately looks at the man beyond science-fiction. Although a lot of his letter extracts are included, in addition to photographs, I didn’t feel like I was invading Wyndham’s privacy, only that I had found a treasure trove of information on this much loved-author. I feel like I now know more about Wyndham and what his inspiration was. There was so much to this book and every page was captivating. I couldn’t put it down.

Binns writes with charm and sophistication, and has achieved an ambitious and enthralling book. If anything, this book has inspired me to re-read some of his science fiction favourites, and read more of Wyndham’s back catalogue. It also makes me appreciate his novels more and has introduced a new reading perspective.


Amy Binns Hidden Wyndham is an enchanting book exploring the life of a much-loved science-fiction author. I have learned so much about the man behind literary classics but I don’t want to say too much as this is a spoiler-free review! Of course, this is non-fiction, so ‘spoiler’ seems a bit odd as it’s a biography of someone’s life. However, Binns tells Wyndham’s life in such a beautiful and unique way, it would be a shame to spoil this truly fascinating story.

I have loved kicking off this blog tour! A HUGE thank you to Anne Carter for organising the tour and me gifted copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

And a HUGE thank you to the author, Amy Binns. Thank you for writing such an interesting book, I will definitely be reading more Wyndham novels because of it!

How to get a copy:



And don’t forget to check out the rest of the tour! Details below

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About the author

Wyndham 1

With a decade of experience in news reporting, Dr Amy Binns is now a writer, researcher and journalism lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.

Her PhD was on solutions to difficult behaviour on social media and other online communities, and she has contributed to a report from the Committee on Standards in

Public Life on the intimidation of parliamentary candidates. She regularly speaks on Radio Five Live on social media issues.

Hidden Wyndham: Life, Love, Letters, is Dr Binns’ second book. She has also written about local history in the book “Valley of a Hundred Chapels”, also available on Amazon. She has also published papers and chapters on interwar feminism and social history. Dr Binns lives in Yorkshire with her husband and two children.

Pictures and ‘About the Author’ provided by Anne Carter.

Happy reading! Lx

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    Huge thanks for this amazing blog tour support Lauren xx


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