‘Travelling on a daydream…’

Hi everyone! I am on the blog tour today for The Seventh Train by Jackie Carreira. I am honoured to be kicking it off!


What if you can’t stand where you are because there’s nothing there? What if you don’t want to end up anywhere else in case that’s empty too? When life has lost its road map, sometimes the only way to get back on track is to get back on the rails.

The Seventh Train is a ride – a ‘road movie’ on the railways. It’s a journey that Elizabeth invented; the only original thought she has ever had in her previously uneventful life. Unbeknown to her, she is not travelling alone. If only she’d pretended that the spare seat was taken.

With a wonderfully eclectic cast of characters, The Seventh Train takes its passengers on a journey from the tragic to the strange, arriving finally at hope. By turns heart-breaking, thought-provoking and hilarious, this tale is a life-affirming exploration of the human spirit via the British railway timetable!

Official blurb for The Seventh Train

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As someone who travels on trains regularly (at least twice a week) I was intrigued by this book from the start. I wondered how the narrative would play out with such an imaginative plot being restricted to that of a carriage on an ordinary train.

This book is an epic tale of humanity and what it means to ‘journey’, yet at the same time, reveals a thrilling and exciting story unravelling before our very eyes.

The characters are so real I felt as if I knew them. Strangers in a crowd we feel we have seen before. People walking by you and you do a double take. Even people on a train who your eyes catch hold of. The beautiful imagery described by the author makes these characters seem so real. I felt compelled to understand Elizabeth and her lifestyle, where before the reader is shrouded with the illusion that Elizabeth is just a passenger. I mean, she is… but she is so much more than that. As Elizabeth’s imagination runs away with her, her character develops. The stronger the mind, the stronger the person. This book seriously categorises this message and was incredibly poignant when reading it. It made the difference between a simple yet creative story and a mind wandering contemporary classic novel. I think The Seventh Train is the latter as it is as wonderful as it is thought-provoking. A perfect blend of plot, character, and imagination.


In addition to recommending this book to those who travel regularly and daydream, this book is a contemporary masterpiece favourable of those wanting a book that isn’t restricted to one genre. Although women’s fiction, this book also has dramatic and thrilling elements which make you race to the end!

How to get your hands on a copy:



Thank you to Anne Carter from Random things blog tours for my copy and great spot on the tour. Thank you also to the publisher (Matador Books) and the author.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the tour!

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Happy reading! Lx

Images supplied by Anne Carter from Random Things Blog Tours

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  1. Anne Cater says:

    Huge thanks for this incredible blog tour support x


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