‘The Power of Blood…’

Hi everyone,

I am on a fantastic blog tour today! I am reviewing Blood on the Stone by Jake Lynch.

blood on the stone 3


March 1681.

Oxford is hosting the English Parliament under the ‘merry monarch’, King Charles II. As politicians and their hangers-on converge on the divided city, an MP is found murdered, triggering tensions that threaten mayhem on the streets.

Luke Sandys, Chief Officer of the Oxford Bailiffs, must solve the crime and thwart the plot. On his side is the respect for evidence and logic he absorbed in his student days, as a follower of the new science. On the other, a group of political conspirators are stirring up sectarian hatreds in their scheme to overthrow the Crown.

Struggling to protect all he holds dear, Luke leans heavily on his cavalry officer brother, his friends, and his faithful deputy, Robshaw. But he has a secret, which may be clouding his judgement. At the moment of truth, will he choose love or duty?

Official blurb for Blood on the Stone

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I was over the moon to be on this blog tour. As some of you will know from reading my blog, I am a HUGE fan of historical fiction, and I am somewhat of a history buff. I was excited to be reading a book set in 17th Century England that not only tackled some of the issues surrounding that era, but also made one hell of a crime novel!

You are taken back to 1681 and all is not well in England. A divided country torn apart by the politics of the monarchy, unrest is right around the corner. However, adding fuel to the fire, an MP is found murdered, only adding to their troubles. Can Luke solve the case and protect the England he has known all his life? Or is a new wave of conflict on the rise?

I thought his book was highly imaginative and had a well-structured plot. The chapters are relatively short which for a book of this magnitude was clever. Not only did it accumulate lots of tension, but it was easy to race through without being overloaded with information. That being said, the level of detail was just enough to keep you guessing at arms-length. The narrative style was interesting as although written in third-person, I admired the level of connection the reader feels to not only the characters, but also the atmospheric story.

Travel back in time to witness a disturbed country and solve the case before its too late. Lynch has created a world so far from our own, yet so familiar. A time where things seem simpler, and yet, we can recognise our own society hiding in the shadows.

blood on the stine 5


I would highly recommend Blood on the Stone to historical fiction fans, in addition to those who enjoy historical crime, and crime in itself. I raced through this book and think you will too, even if this isn’t your usual genre!

How to get your hands on a copy:



Many thanks to Anne Carter and Random Things Blog Tours for my copy and spot on the blog tour! Thanks also to the publisher, Unbound, and to the author, Jake Lynch.

Don’t forget to follow the rest of the tour!

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Happy reading! Lx


Blog tour poster: Anne Carter

All other photos (including promotional castle photos and feature photo) Lauren, Books Beyond The Story.

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    Huge thanks for this blog tour support x


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