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Hi everyone!

Firstly, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

What better way to spend it that with a good book? Speaking of good books… today I am on the blog tour for Ben Pastor’s new book, The Horseman’s Song.

What’s it about?


Spain, summer 1937. The civil war between Spanish nationalists and republicans rages. On the bloody sierras of Aragon, among Generalissimo Franco’s volunteers is Martin Bora, the twenty-something German officer and detective whose future adventures will be told in Lumen, Liar Moon, The Road to Ithaca and others in the Bora series.

Presently a lieutenant in the Spanish Foreign Legion, Bora lives the tragedy around him as an intoxicating epic, between idealism and youthful recklessness. The first doubts, however, rise in Bora’s mind when he happens on the body of Federico García Lorca, a brilliant poet, progressive and homosexual. Who murdered him? Why?

The official version does not convince Bora, who begins a perilous investigation. His inquiry paradoxically proceeds alongside that which is being carried out by an “enemy”: Philip Walton, an American member of the International Brigades. Soon enough the German and the New Englander will join forces, and their cooperation will not only culminate in a thrilling chase after a murderer, but also in a very human, existential face-to-face between two adversaries forever changed by their crime-solving encounter…

horse ben pastor


As many of you will know from reading my blog, I am a huge fan of historical fiction. I think, if done well, the genre is one of the most entertaining and enigmatic fields you can spare the time to read. Pastor has created a fabulous mystery, tied in with a time in history I don’t know a lot about. You do more than read this book- you invest yourself in it, allowing your mind to be swept up in the lives of the characters.

The characters were incredibly well thought out. Although not the first Martin Bora book in the Bora series, this book can be read as a stand-alone novel (I love that!), yet when reading Martin’s third-person account, I connected with his gritty persona early-on. Bora is logical, rapid, and focused- but there are times when he can be sporadic and askew, leading the reader to question his ideas and motives. This gives the novel tension and inviting the reader to further devote their time to solving the murder, in partnership with Bora himself.

With the back-drop of war draped over the story, and in a time when WW2 is on the brink of starting, the novel represents a historical narrative yet looks into the characters’ individual stories and their lives. Oh, and one big factor- murder. The added crime element which brings the story full circle develops the plot-line quickly and leaves the reader wanting more.


Anyone who is a fan of reading murder mysteries, war drama, or the overall umbrella of historical fiction will enjoy this book. It is incredibly well researched and has a lot of informative structures which is brilliant as I feel as if I have not only read the book, but have learned something from it too.

How to get your hands on a copy



Don’t forget to check out the rest of the tour! See below

horse tour poster

Thank you to Anne Carter of Random Things Blog Tours for my tour spot!

All images provided by Anne Carter

Happy reading! Lx

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  1. annecater says:

    Huge thanks for this amazing opening day for the Blog Tour x


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