Secrets and lies…

Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to be on the official blog tour for Jane Fallon’s newest novel, Tell Me a Secret.


Holly and Roz spend most of their days together. They like the same jokes, loathe the same people and tell each other everything.

So when single mum Holly gets a shot at her dream job after putting everything on hold to raise her daughter, she assumes her friend will be dying to pop the champagne with her.

But is she just imagining things, or is Roz not quite as happy for her as she should be?

As Holly starts to take a closer look at Roz’s life outside their friendship, she begins to discover a few things that don’t add up. Who is the woman who claims to be her ally?

Perhaps it was a mistake to tell Roz all her secrets.

Because it takes two to forge a friendship.

But it only takes one to wage a war . . .


Oh my gosh- from literally page one I was swept up into this juicy drama so much so that I read it all in one sitting!

Holly is immediately introduced as a likeable character- she isn’t bossy or self-centred at all. Instead she is kind, witty, and has a balance of confidence with insecurities I am sure most people can sympathise with! She has just landed a superior role where she works on a soap-like programme called Churchill Road (It reminded me of Waterloo Road and Ackley Bridge, programmes I enjoy very much!) as a script writer, well, until she got promoted that is.

Roz, an interesting character to say the least, is Holly’s best friend at work, yet from the start, the reader begins to doubt the people around Holly, including Roz. She seems nice enough, but outside work the two lead very different lives. Roz comes across as a tad intimidating from the get-go, something I think makes the reader connect with Holly right from the start.

My favourite novels are written in first person- I really felt like I had dived into Holly’s world of script editing, brightly-coloured post-it notes, office drama and issues at home. What I like about Holly is that she is real; okay, she has a fantastic new job, but it has taken her a while to get her there. Her home life isn’t something straight out of a magazine either- she lives alone (plus a cat) and now has the task of finding a lodger in order to support her daughter. Holly has got a nice life, it’s not perfect as she admits, but it is nice. However, this is why her new job is so important to her- it is something FOR HER! Holly spends so much of her time dealing with her life outside of work that this job is more important than ever. And when things start to happen, like scripts going missing, flowers being sent on her behalf, Holly knows something is up. Things start heating up and the intensity cranks up the severity of the situation. But can Roz, the person who Holly shares everything with, be behind all this?


I was fascinated by this story. I am not a huge fan of soaps on tv because I think sometimes the story can be tacky whereas I want something to sink my teeth into. That’s why I LOVED THIS BOOK- all the drama of a soap with no tackiness- just a kick-ass storyline!

This book is perfect for those in a reading slump, love chic and delicious dramas to devour, but also like women’s contemporary fiction. As I said, I only intended to start this book but finished it in one sitting!

Praise for Jane Fallon!

How to get your hands on a copy



Thank you to Jenny Platt for my wonderful spot on the blog tour and my copy of Fallon’s book!

Check out the rest of the tour below:

jane fallon 2

Happy reading! Lx

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