‘Everyone has their limits…’

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great start to the week.

I have a very exciting book to review for you today!

Breaking Point by James M Whiting is an ambitious new novel which will leave you wanting more…


Whether pain is brought physically or mentally to his victims he has no preference. The pain he causes is his gauge in determining how much suffering a human body can take.

Currently Manhattan is his playground and its inhabitants are his case studies. He sits and watches, picking out the strong from the weak. He hates the weak, they scream too much and spoil the whole experience.

Detectives Ryan Forrester and Michelle Docherty, a newly paired duo from the Manhattan special crimes unit, are led into a case that will test their own tolerances as things become personal.

Everyone has a breaking point and he wants to see it…

Official blurb for Breaking Point


I was intrigued when James sent me his book to review- I am full to the brim with blog tours and reviews but something about this novel stood out and I knew I had to read it ASAP!

I was immediately drawn into this novel from page one. The prologue sets up the story and overall structure of the novel. Having a WTF moment at the start made me eager to continue until before I knew it I had read this book within 2 days. The structure of the plot not only fits in well with the crime/thriller/mystery genre, but leaves enough room to build up tension without dragging out the story-line. Whiting’s use of language gives a slight humorous relief with sly sarcastic comments every now and again to make the story flow. These comments are what the most of us perhaps think every day about people, whether it be bad driving or an observant eye, this narrative style brings the story and characters together into a fast-paced heart-racing novel.

The chilling reality of this story is that everyone does have a ‘breaking point’, yet someone goes to extremes to figure out what they are. The criminal in this novel is a nasty piece of work and not to be messed with. Using the shadowy backdrop of Manhattan, the curious crook takes his obsessions too far…

I think the reader is very much like a fly on a wall in this novel. Having the third person narrative gives a birds-eye view of the story as a whole whilst at the same time forming connections with individual characters.

Speaking of characters, I feel as if I did sympathise and connect with them early on which made the entire novel even more thrilling. The detectives perhaps underestimate the mastermind behind all these horrific events which only leaves them going deeper into his world. But all of a sudden, it gets a bit too personal…

I think the character descriptions don’t adhere to stereotypes and instead give a fresh stance on detective thrillers. I expect your average detective in novels of this genre but Whiting gives his characters a few twists on their personalities which also brought the book into the spotlight. Furthermore, their actions weren’t always as predictable as I would have thought- whilst remaining true to a detective’s way of thinking, they also undergo the case of their careers, or very lives, leading them to think outside of the box, and enter the mind of the criminal brain.

The true nature of his crimes come to light with Whiting’s graphic descriptions, some which will make your stomach churn! But don’t think that this is just your average bloody horror show, oh no, there is depth to Whiting’s writing. It gets under your skin and hides in the back of your mind making you uneasy and on edge- the perfect balance of gore and crime for this action-packed mystery thriller.


I would recommend this book to fans of Lee Child, C. J. Tudor, and for those who enjoyed the film The Bone Collector, you know the one with Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington? (Great film!). I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I guarantee crime and thriller enthusiasts will devour this mystery!

How to get your hands on a copy:



Follow the author on Twitter at: @JamesMWhiting2

Thank you to the author for my copy of Breaking Point.

I hope you have a great week!

Happy reading! Lx


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