‘What I wouldn’t do for you…’

Hi everyone! Happy 1st of August! To kick off this month I am excited to be part of the official blog tour for Tom Wood’s new book, Kill For Me.


Lethal assassin Victor lands in the middle of a Guatemalan cartel war in the latest nonstop thriller from the international bestselling author of The Final Hour.

Victor is the killer who always delivers…for the right price. And Heloise Espinosa, patron of Guatemala’s largest cartel, is ready and willing to pay him just that to eliminate the competition–her sister. Heloise has been battling Maria for control of the cartel in an endless and bloody war. Now Victor decides who survives. An easy job if it weren’t for the sudden target on his back.

Victor’s not the only one on the hunt. Someone else has Maria in their crosshairs and will do anything to get the kill. In the middle of cartel territory with enemies closing in from all sides, Victor must decide where to put the bullet before one is placed in his head. His only chance at survival is to team up with the one person who may be as deadly as he is…

Official blurb for Kill For Me.


Having never read a Tom Wood novel before (which I now deeply regret!) I was excited to discover a new author that I was fond of. Discovering this was #8 in the series, I was also slightly reserved at wondering how Wood could keep up the pace with his past successful novels, and in turn, create something entirely different at the same time.

I have said this before, and I will say it again. I am not a big fan of book series’, however, my exception is that I really enjoy book series which, individually, can also be classed as stand-alone novels. Having never read any previous Victor novels, I don’t think for a second this inhibited my admiration for Wood’s newest thriller.

The enigmatic backdrop only amplifies the sinister undertones of the novel, along with dangerous characters, some of which are trying to play God, provide the perfect set-up for a tense and electrifying read. I really don’t want to spoil this novel, so I won’t say much, only that I was racing to get to the end.

In comparison to other thrillers I have read, I felt as if Wood’s novel has taken on a uniqueness within the genre. I know nothing of the world Victor finds himself in, so I felt as if I have been dropped right into the centre of the action. I wouldn’t portray him as an anti-hero as such, but he does possess some qualities as a character who is both likable, but also dislikeable.


I would recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of James Patterson, Lee Child, and Jo Nesbo. This thrilling adventure is one heck of a ride, where each second of suspense is dragged out to frustrate the reader, forcing them to take a breath, heading towards the conclusion.

Thank you to Millie Seaward from Little Brown Books for my spot on the tour and my copy! Thanks also to @thecrimevault 😊

How to get your hands on a copy



Follow the author! @TheTomWood

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the tour:

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Happy reading! Lx

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  1. Sohinee Dey says:

    That’s an awesome review! I loved your style of reviewing 💜💜


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