‘The Hills have lies…’

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I am delighted to share with you my review of Mark Hill’s new novel, It Was Her, as part of the book’s official blog tour!


Twenty years ago Tatia was adopted into a well-off home, where she seemed happy, settled. Then the youngest boy in the family dies in an accident, and she gets the blame.

Did she do it?

Tatia was cast out, away from her remaining adopted siblings Joel and Sarah. Now she yearns for a home to call her own. So when she see families going on holiday, leaving their beautiful homes empty, there seems no harm in living their lives while she is gone. But somehow, people keep ending up dead.

Did she kill them?

As bodies start to appear in supposedly safe neighbourhoods, DI Ray Drake and DS Flick Crowley race to find the thinnest of links between the victims. But Drake’s secret past is once more threatening to destroy everything.

Will they catch her?

Official blurb for It Was Her.


I was absolutely thrilled when the wonderful Millie Seaward of Sphere (Little Brown Books) asked me to be on the blog tour for Mark Hill’s new book, It Was Her. I had already received a copy of his first story, His First Lie, and eagerly anticipated Hill’s next DI Drake mystery.

Hill is an exceptionally great writer, misleading the reader countless times and distorting the truth. I especially like his character of DI Ray Drake as he isn’t your typical detective; as the anti-hero of the novel, Drake’s character is both mysterious and frustrating. I felt conflicted whether or not I should trust him, knowing what I do about his past. This made me connect with Flick’s character instantly. I was already fond of her in His First Lie but warmed to her more after she lets her vulnerabilities show.

I have to say, after reading a lot of crime books over the years, I think I have a pretty good inkling as to how the plot is going to go; who was guilty, who murdered who, etc. BUT NOT THIS BOOK. I wrote down every possibility I could think of, trying to figure out why people kept ending up dead- but Hill, I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! The events are so shocking and relentless, I had trouble putting this book down. I read it everywhere! On the train, at uni, at my local Starbucks (little anecdote: I recommended this book to the lovely barista after they asked me what I was reading- they loved my description of It Was Her, so much so they ordered it in front of me!… and she gave me a free slice of cake- I owe that to you Mark Hill!)

mark hill 2

[Proof of the lemon cake!]

This psychological thriller is as frustrating as it is exciting. As soon as Flick and Drake are closing in on the facts, the air is snatched from beneath them, causing them to go back to the drawing board. This added a lot of tension to the novel; I was desperate to find out the truth!

In the past, I have been sceptical about books featuring a main character who has a legal career, such as a detective, as it sometimes limits the human factor in the book- but not Mark Hill. His story is full of depth which concentrates on the characters and their most intimate fears. I couldn’t get enough of Drake’s good/bad character in His First Lie, which made me want to get my hands on a copy of It Was Her even more! And let me tell you, it had a lot to live up to- I was not disappointed! Hill really excelled himself!

The other characters in the novel were also intriguing, especially Tatia- but don’t worry, no spoilers! You’ll have to find out how she, like a few others, fit into the puzzle for yourself! Who is telling the truth, and who is lying? That’s for you to discover…

I believe that, although this is the second instalment of the DI Drake books, it works as a stand alone novel. Of course, some details are revealed in the second book about the first in order to carry on with the story, but I feel as if this doesn’t spoil His First Lie.


I would highly recommend for those who enjoy crime thrillers with addictive plots and exhilarating characters. It Was Her has a gripping narrative, strong characters, and a plot to die for- literally! This novel is sure to get your blood-pumping; the tension is sometimes so unbearable, you’ll find yourself frightened that your heart will burst through your rib cage! I would say that if you like having goose-bumps whilst reading, or that feeling of looking over your shoulder, this book is definitely for you!

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Twitter: @markhillwriter


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A wonderful thank you to the lovely Millie Seaward (@millieseaward) for sending me a copy of It Was Her and for asking me to be on the official blog tour- It has been a pleasure!

Thank you also to Mark Hill who’s Instagram and Twitter always brighten feed! I have followed Mark for a while and am honoured to be reviewing his latest book! Thank you!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the spots on the tour! See below!

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Happy Reading! Lx

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  1. Jasmine says:

    Yay! I’m glad this book is a winner for you. I love reading mysteries for that very reason.. guessing and twists.. Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Ahh me too! Was such a brilliant read- I couldn’t guess the ending at all!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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