Hi guys!

I am hosting a giveaway with AnnMarie Lamb!

US Continental only!

(we hope to do an international giveaway in the future!) UK one coming soon… so keep your eyes peeled!)

What will be your prize if you win?

You will win this exact copy (See Instagram post) of Thomas Hardy’s The Return of the Native (Fancy Hardback, binding tight – never opened, Franklin Library edition with illustrations by Ben F. Wohlberg).

Head over to my Instagram (@ books_beyond_the_story) for details on how to enter! See this post:



Myself and AnnMarie Lamb have written our own reviews of this book to give you a little taste!

AnnMarie Lamb, Author

My favorite aspects to this book are two quite simple ones: Setting and Returning home.  The setting has an abundance of weather-enriched heath.  Having visited moorlands in the U.K. myself, they really are just as romantic as they sound in novels.  Some of that is due to open skies and few other flora and structures that tend to tear our focus away from the solidity of the heath bush.  Hardy captured the heath setting exactly as I found them myself, so as readers we are fortunate enough to learn much through his accurate setting.  Secondly, Clym’s return home from travels abroad affirms what many of us experience when we leave our hometowns for the excitement of better things only to eventually return to see the beauty and belonging of where we grew up.

Books Beyond The Story, Book Blogger

I am fairly new to Thomas Hardy and was only introduced to him whilst undertaking my degree. I feel he has a lot to give even after all this time… There’s a reason why this book is considered a classic! Hardy takes you into another world, which seems so familiar, but in true Hardy fashion turns everything upside down. The setting, the scenery, and the characters draw you into the plot, so much so that you get sucked in straight away. Themes of love, loss, and everything in between evoke Hardy’s true essence, and The Return of the Native demonstrates his best work.

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Good Luck to you all!

Happy reading! Lx

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