“Slow burn…”

It’s been a busy week for Books Beyond The Story and I have no intention of slowing down! Happy publication day to Tony Parsons and his new book, Girl on Fire (DC Max Wolfe #5). Read my review below!


When terrorists use a drone to bring down a plane on one of London’s busiest shopping centres, it ignites a chain of events that will draw in the innocent and the guilty alike.

DC Max Wolfe of West End Central finds himself caught in the crossfire between a tech-savvy terrorist cell and a revenge-seeking, Bible-quoting murderer called Bad Moses.

And when Max’s ex-wife suddenly reappears to reclaim custody of his beloved daughter Scout, he finds himself fighting the greatest battle of all…

Official blurb for Girl On Fire.


This is the first DC Max Wolfe book I have read, and I will certainly be reading more! Even though I hadn’t read the first novels in this series, I believe this book works as a stand-alone novel. I wish I had read the previous books, however, this did not spoil the overall story for me!

From the first page you’re plunged straight into the action. Fire, burning, a ‘new world’ of fear. There is no time to waste, not even enough time to breathe as you turn the page, eagerly anticipating what happens next. This story is a worst-case scenario on  a grand scale. With the every-day threat of terror, Parsons has really created a chilling reality with his novel. You actually feel as if you’re there, scared and afraid. And that’s only chapter one.

I feel this book was incredibly detailed- each stone was unturned and each piece of the puzzle was made to fit. This novel is well structured and the build-up of tension is strong, especially when heading towards a climactic end. Parsons has clearly put a lot of time and effort into his research, and it pays off!

I think the characters are intriguing; although very fast paced, you can’t help but get involved with the people in this story. You engage with these characters quickly and start to analyse them the way Max Wolfe would. He himself is a great character –  a hint of classic crime clichés mixed with the danger of the contemporary modern world. You feel the hostility closing in on him and want him to find out the truth before it’s too late. Is the danger at arms-length, or right in front of his eyes?

To sum up, I would say that this book is a thrilling roller-coaster ride full of tension and suspense, jam packed with the very best of gritty crime action.


If you’re looking for your next action-packed thriller, then look no further! I would recommend for fans of Lee Child, Jo Nesbo, and James Patterson. This plot is full of twists to keep you on your toes and Parsons has done a terrific job of gripping you from page one… “I woke up and the world was gone”.

How to get your hands on a copy



The DC MAX WOLFE series website

Congratulations and happy publication day Tony!

Tony Parson’s twitter: @TonyParsonsUK

Thank you to Tony Parsons and Francesca Russell from Penguin Random House UK for my proof copy of this book! Happy reading! Lx

girl on fire 2

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