“Moo-ving to the country…”

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I am reviewing Katie Fforde’s new novel A Country Escape.


Fran has made the brave decision to move into a beautiful, but run-down, farm in the Cotswolds. She has one year to make a success of it, and to prove to herself and to the old lady who owns it, that she can manage on her own. But can she? She’s going to need a lot of help. Not least from her very eligible neighbour next door…

Official blurb for A Country Escape.


As a country girl myself, I was intrigued to see how this book played out. I honestly thought I knew all there was to know about the country, but I have since learned an awful lot more! The setting was wonderful to escape to; Fforde manages to create picturesque scenes making your mind escape to the countryside. But its not all idyllic scenes and relaxing walks, Fran has a job to do!

I felt a little nostalgic when I started reading this book as it kind of reminded me of a childhood story, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse; you know the whole a little bit uncomfortable and clueless in a new environment but tries to get the hang of it’ kind of thing. And who is that person in this novel? It’s Fran! Fran is a very likable character. I felt an instant connection with her and loved Fforde’s portrayal of her personality. I was genuinely routing for her, in addition to the other characters, which made the plot only more enjoyable. Fran is incredibly kind and caring and will go out of her way to help others. She is also awkward at times and adds a comedic side to the story too. I liked Fran’s dedication and hard work, and I learned along with her about Dairy Farming (which I promise is so much more interesting than I thought it would be!)

I thought the plot was well structured and kept me wanting more. I love gripping stories; whether it be crime thrillers, far off lands, or even a budding romance, I love books that keep the momentum going throughout and A Country Escape is no exception! A lot of the time I was going backwards and forwards of what I thought the outcome of the plot would be, (don’t worry, no spoilers!) and I thought the drama, comedy, and romance, worked well with each other giving the reader clues (but also sending them down false roads!).

So romance! Oh I adored the budding romance in this story- I was watching it unravel piece by piece. Fforde keeps you on your toes by throwing in a few curveballs, but I thought this novel was both realistic in events, even if there was the occasional magic moment which made me squeal with excitement!


I am a newcomer to Katie Fforde but I will certainly be reading more of them because of A Country Escape. I am not a huge fan of romance, but because this book falls into so many different sub-genres, I adored this story. The story is light-hearted and I would recommend it as your Valentine’s Day read! (I would also push this book for anyone who enjoys cheese! I LOVE CHEESE and I think anyone who enjoys dabbling in a bit of dairy would find this book amusing!). A wonderful classic romance with a contemporary twist. She reminds me of a modern day Jane Austen!

CLICK HERE for the author’s website

A Country Escape is available for pre-order HERE and is officially published on 22/02/2018

Thank you to Penguin Random House UK and Century Publishers for my copy of this book!

Happy reading! Lx

Thanks mum for braving the weather with me so I could take this photo- oh and for me borrowing the wellies!

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