“What you don’t know, won’t hurt you…”

Hi everyone,

I have a great book for you today. I will be reviewing This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay.

The difference with this book is that it’s non-fiction. Take a deep breath and get ready to dive into the world of junior doctors. Unfair working conditions, emotional and physical strain, and endless sacrifices. This is Going to Hurt is a real-life account of what it’s like to work for the NHS as a junior doctor. Follow Adam on his unforgiving journey and learn first hand from diary entries, just what it’s like to bear the burden of being a doctor.


I had hinted over and over again that I wanted this book for Christmas, and luckily my not-so-subtle hints paid off (Thanks Mum!). I first heard about it after watching The Russell Howard Hour and seeing Kay as a guest speaker. I was intrigued by his story and wanted to know more. Fast forward to the 25th December 2017, and I had already read a quarter of this book by lunch time and half of it by Christmas dinner. I was hooked. I even tweeted on my personal Twitter account to let Adam know just how hooked I was!

First of all, I should say that although non-fiction, I found it hard to sub-categorise this book. One moment, I was howling with laughter, reading out entries to my mum and boyfriend who ended up in hysterics also. So, it’s a comical account of working for the NHS, right? Wrong.

There were times when I had to put this book down and walk away for a while, feeling betrayed by my knowledge and how naïve I was regarding the lives of junior doctors. I have a few friends who are junior doctors who I went to university with. Some of the horror stories I’ve heard would be enough to put anyone off going into that career. However, the way Kay has worded his story was refreshing; though-provoking, stimulating, and emotionally exhausting entries make you feel numb and lost at times. The stories in this book are not easily forgettable, and I am sure they will have a lasting effect on everyone who reads it.

This book is unpredictable- I had to keep reading as I never knew quite what to expect. I had to know what was going to happen. However, in addition to being unputdownable, this book has a serious message for it’s readers: the NHS isn’t going to survive until something changes. The strain on doctors is horrendous. Sure, we’ve seen it on the news and yet, it’s usually a balanced argument. There is nothing balanced about it- it’s shocking and has to be reformed. If every MP read this book, I am sure they would start to think differently. I agree with Kay- MP’s should go and witness first hand what it’s like working for the NHS. I believe if they knew how traumatic it actually was, instead of reading statistics off a piece of paper, they would be throwing money at it left, right, and centre.

I titled this review as ‘what you don’t know, won’t hurt you’ and it’s true. If people only knew what it was really like working in those conditions, I am sure things would have changed a lot sooner. Ignorance is bliss, until you face reality.


I dare you not to laugh out loud at this book. I also dare you not to cry uncontrollably at this book. I believe that, whilst Kay’s stories may not be to everyone’s liking, everyone should read it. This book has been the closest thing to date I have read that creates a true image of what it’s like working as a junior doctor, and I am sure Kay left a lot of things out too. He has a way of writing that is both gripping, yet sensitive.

Click Here to get your hands on a copy, and to Adam Kay- thank you for writing this book. It was long overdue.

As always, let me know what you think, I love to hear your comments on here and social media.

Follow Adam on twitter: @amateuradam

Happy reading, Lx

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  1. I’ve read some really gut churning stories about what’s been going on with junior doctors in the UK. It’s so upsetting. I also have a friend who has sort of put her career on hold due to some of these issues. Great review!

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    1. Thanks so much! Thank you for your comments, I really thought this book captured the true horrors of that career. It’s a really horrible issue…
      I’m glad you liked my review!

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      1. Heavy topic but very important stuff.

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  2. Heavy topic and a non-fiction that can grip u as much as a thriller.the word definitely needs to get out.

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