“I walked with you once upon a dream…”

Hi everybody! I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the new year!

I was lucky enough to take a trip to Disneyland where of course, I couldn’t help take a mountain of books with me. I took the opportunity to take some magical pictures and review some wonderful books!

I first found out about the Twisted Tales series when my boyfriend got me As Old As Time and I was immediately hooked! When I saw Once Upon A Dream on offer, I managed to get a copy…

Be warned as you don’t know as much as you think you know. There’s a reason these tales are ‘twisted’…

You all know the story of sleeping beauty; a fair maiden, cursed by a spinning wheel, doomed to sleep until she is freed by a kiss from her true love. This tale has daring knights, a courageous prince, a lost princess and, of course, a defeated Maleficent. However, what if sleeping beauty never woke up?

It was all supposed to be happily ever after, and yet, sleeping beauty is, well, asleep.

dream night time

Once Upon A Dream by Liz Braswell is an imaginative and inventive play on the traditional tale of sleeping beauty. It is written in the style that reminded me of Charles Perrault and also that of the Grimm Brothers which gave it a wonderful original feel. However, it did have a contemporary edge as a rejuvenated fairy tale. Who said it didn’t end another way?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and don’t want to spoil the plot, (yes, you already know the story, but not this one!) I also enjoyed the female heroine edge of the story, girl power rules! At times, the plot lacked maturity and there were some childish quirks, but I feel as if this is a book that tried to appeal to all and in a way it did. It dragged slightly at times and I was rushing to get to the action, however the parts that were exciting were very thrilling!

This retelling is a lot darker than I imagined as sleeping beauty is quite literally trapped in a nightmare. The original fairy tale by Perrault is also quite gruesome in places (give that a read if you’re interested) but this story took a very dark turn very quickly.

As far as villains go, Maleficent is brilliant, isn’t she? She has the charisma, the evilness and cunning that every good villain should have (Watch Disney’s Maleficent too, it’s another re-telling!). I am glad she was featured in this book as a wise and manipulative villain as, you have to admit, she is pretty clever.


All in all, I really enjoyed this re-telling. In a world where Disney is rejuvenating a lot of their works, its refreshing to see a different take on the original tale. I thought Braswell’s imagination in the story was fundamentally magic and, in my mind, gave a creative spin on a story we all know and love. I believe any Disney fan would adore this book, but it is a little dark so let’s keep it PG. I am sure adults who are still kids at heart (like me) would cherish this story too as I feel it’s a bit like a sequel to the tale we all grew up with as children. I think this particular fairy-tale had a lot of potential in the re-telling and Braswell did an uplifting job.

Also, at Disneyland Paris, it’s sleeping beauty’s castle, so I couldn’t not take this book for a picture!

To get your hands on a copy and find out more, CLICK HERE!


More Disney posts to come…

Happy reading! Lx


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