“The Rhode to winter…”

Morning all!

I am going to have some very exciting things come your way very soon including competitions, collaborations and an abundance of author requested reviews!

As it’s starting to get a little colder, I thought what better way to get you in the winter mood than a chilling story…

Kate Rhodes’ book ‘The Winter Foundlings’ is a spine-tingling and heart-pounding sprint from the first to last page…

What’s it about?

Ella Williams is ten years old. She loves her granddad and her sister and her shiny new red shoes.

She’s just been abducted by a killer – someone who kidnaps young girls, holds them for a few weeks then returns their bodies clothed in white foundling dresses.

The crimes are clearly linked to notorious child murderer Louis Kinsella, locked away in a high-security hospital. Is it a copycat? Or is he giving someone direct orders from behind bars?

To save Ella’s life, psychologist Alice Quentin must form a relationship with Kinsella. But he is slow to give up his secrets, and all the while, time is running out… (Official blurb taken from Amazon)


I didn’t realise that when I picked up this book it was the third in a series. I was initially sceptical about how I would feel reading a book that already had two stories before it, however I was pleasantly surprised. The story followed on from the last narrative but it didn’t give too much of the plot away meaning I could go back to the previous books in the series and still feel as if the stories weren’t spoiled or dampened in any way.

I really liked the character of Alice Quentin. In some crime novels, I find that the main character is portrayed as weak or scared. I understand how this builds tension and with some stories this works well with the plot. However, I think Alice Quentin embraces the strength of women in literature and comes across as a cautious yet strong-willed character- she was easy to like from the very start.

The story had a sort of ‘Silence of the Lambs’ feel to it – a copy-cat serial killer is on the loose and their only hope is to find answers from the original… I had goosebumps when the character of Kinsella was introduced in the book and was really ‘creeped out’ by his persona, something that I think is a great narrative skill. The only thing I would say about this story is that I would have preferred Alice to meet with Kinsella more and have a greater dialogue. However, even with limited ‘interview’ time it was still very tense with a very climactic end.

The essence of the story is a ‘whodunit’- who is the copy-cat killer? Is it Kinsella? But how? is it someone else? But how would they know details? It really is a chilling mystery.

Since reading this book I have the other two stories in the series on my TBR list. A classic crime story, perfect for this time of year.

To get you hands on a copy, see below:



For more information about the author, CLICK HERE

As always, feel free to comment!

Happy reading! Lx

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