“You can’t see the wood for the Trash…”


Hi everyone!

I’ve got a great autumn read for you today! ‘Hold for Hiker Trash’ by K. A. Hrycik.

What’s it about?

After her car goes up in flames, Vika Carmichael finds herself stranded in Northern Washington at a Victorian house that hasn’t seen upkeep in longer than she’s been alive, owned by an eccentric, foul-mouthed artist whose goal of reconstructing the old house is to aid Pacific Crest Trail hikers. The Pacific Crest Trail—or PCT—is a continuous footpath that stretches 2,660 miles from the Mexican border in Southern California to the Canadian border in Northern Washington. In Hold for Hiker Trash, Vika, a recent college graduate, found comfort in her reputation as a “perfect student,” but her knowledge of art history is hardly applicable in the foreign culture of long distance hiking or in the reconstruction of a 140-year-old house. Vika is immersed in the company of the backpackers as they join to help Dane, the artist, and his mother, the affectionate Grandma Peach, strip the house before they can build again. Will Vika be able to find common ground with her new hosts and the rugged hikers who visit the house, or will she be left on the outside looking in?


The book starts off with Vika- a likable and relatable character whose wit and charm kept me entertained throughout the book. I thought her persona worked well with the other characters in the novel. I wasn’t sure if I would warm to a novel about hiking (the most I’ve ever ‘hiked’ is walking my dog) but I was surprised that, although an ‘outdoors-y’ story, I really enjoyed this book and even influenced me to go out and get some fresh air once in a while (emphasis on the world ‘once’- the UK is freezing cold all year round).

The way Hrycik sets the scene is another element of the book I enjoyed. I have never visited the places in the novel but felt like I was transported there. I think the setting is important in this novel. I doubt I would have laughed so much had the setting taken place elsewhere. There’s something comforting about a book that fits together like a jigsaw puzzle- well thought out, full of detail with a sense of accomplishment when finished.

‘Hold for Hiker Trash’ is one of those books that I think coveys a strong message. I won’t spoil that message, but all I will say is that I thought it was a quirky idea to have a character who is an outsider to use the ‘outside’ to feel like a sense of belonging. There’s lots of little moments in the book I found thought provoking which only added to the plot line.


I would recommend this book to anyone currently in a reading slump. It’s that time of year perhaps when you’re in-between books, not really sure what to read… This book is for you. I think it has something for everyone- an all-round good read. To sum up, I would say this is a ‘wonderfully wild novel perfect for soul searching in the outdoors’.

How to get your hands on a copy:



You can also follow the author on TWITTER.

Feel free to leave comments! Happy reading! Lx

I received this book for free in exchange for a free and honest review.


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