“The icing on the cake!…”

Hello everyone! It’s an exciting day today!

It’s my turn for the blog tour for Isabella May’s debut novel ‘Oh! What A Pavlova’

What’s it about?

On the outside, Kate has a pretty cool life. As a successful business woman exploring the world, traveling to the most alluring cities, she appears to have it all. However, behind the mask she portrays to the public, her home life is not one that would be envied. Follow Kate as she travels the world, discovers things about herself she never knew, and of course, her love of cake!


When I read the first few paragraphs of ‘Oh! What A Pavlova’ I wasn’t quite sure which direction the book was going in (bear in mind I received a ‘review’ copy so only got a brief outline of what the books was about) however, the more I read the more I started to understand the plot. Let me explain, at the start, you’re thrown into the world of Kate who yes, appears to have it all. However her inner monologue may appear a bit strange to start. I mean literally the first thing you learn about Kate is the fact although she is in a relationship, she isn’t faithful. She jets off to these exotic places perhaps having an affair, going about her life, fulfilling her career without a care in the world. I’m thinking, how do I connect with this character? What’s her story here? Then you learn about her partner, Daniel, and you start to connect the dots. There was a ‘penny drop’ moment quite early on in the book that I realised that no, this isn’t just your new every day modern book about a career-driven scandalous woman who travels around the world- no. This book really has the underlying theme of domestic abuse which becomes an important part of the novel. I have done a lot of research on this topic in the past (various academic essays and research) and was impressed at how it was portrayed in the novel. You see Kate fighting with herself constantly and the type of abuse she is subjected to. I can only praise May’s writing style on this topic, in addition to the rest of the book, and as her debut novel as well!

The novel, in my opinion, is therefore about the journey Kate is on. Not the places she travels to, but her personal journey of hope for the future. In addition to the dark undertones of the novel, there is relief through, you guessed it, cake. The light humour and delicious treats is something that we can all connect to. This side of the book does not derive from the abuse, it is merely the chick-lit element to this compelling read.

(And yes if you’ve seen the photo above you will see my endorsement made it into the book! Very happy Lauren here!)

In addition to Kate, there are some great characters in the book which get up to all sorts of antics. You can see the way she behaves with her friends enjoying herself is the way Kate’s life should be, full of enjoyment and hysterics. You can also see by the men she has affairs with that her goal is to escape, she’s just having a hard time figuring that out before it’s too late. In addition to ‘Oh! What A Pavlova’ being a chick-lit novel, you still get the dramatic essence that leaves you hooked into reading more.

The edginess of the book really was gripping, all the way to the end! (I am really trying to keep shtum on spoilers!) Even characters such as Daniel (which were infuriating and frustrating) were written incredibly well- *hint*, you’re not supposed to like him. I think along with the settings and plot, the characters really do make this book stand out.


I would recommend this book to those who like authors such as Sophia Kinsella, Marian Keyes and Helen Fielding. I’d say this is “A chic and compelling chick-lit read” with ‘dark undertones mixed with comical relief, quirky antics and, as the cherry on top, a deliciously tasteful plot… and cake!’ This book shows that it’s never too late to start over, strive towards your dreams and do what makes you happy.

How to get a copy

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Isabella May’s Website

Thank you to Crooked Cat Books and Emma Mitchell for putting me forward for the blog tour!

A HUUUUUGE thank you to Isabella May who originally approached me about her new book! Isabella May your debut novel is wonderful, nothing but praise! I was honoured to provide an endorsement for your book, a deliciously sweet masterpiece!

You can follow Isabella May on

Twitter @IsabellaMayBks

Instagram @isabella_may_author

Author Website

As always, let me know what you think! Feel free to comment!

Happy reading! Lx

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I received this book from the author for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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