“Revenge in the Ivory tower…”

Good morning everyone!

I have some exciting news… it’s author requested review time! I have reviewed one of Shawn C. Thompson’s books before: ‘Homie. Lover. Friend’ (H.L.F) and I was delighted to receive a review request for his follow-up book ‘Jaded’ which is the book I will be reviewing today!

Revenge is a dish served cold right?


Ivory has it all; a fantastic education, a strong career, good friends, a wonderful son and a doting and loyal husband- or so she thought. Ivory finds out (through a dramatic intrusion) that her “oh-so-perfect” husband Pierce is a cheat, a liar and betrays Ivory in the most dishonest way.

Ivory is one of those women that people look up too. Strong yet classy, sophisticated yet loving. But she’s also a woman scorned. Think about this, if an opportunity came up where you could get revenge, you’d probably do it right? And, in getting the revenge, you would also help someone else in a similar situation and make a profit on it. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, all actions have consequences don’t they…

When I started to read page one of this book I immediately recognised Thompson’s writing style. I really enjoyed his last book ‘Homie. Lover. Friend’ (note, ‘Jaded’ is not a sequel but a few familiar faces do occasionally pop up) but to be honest, I preferred ‘Jaded’ more I think. There was more depth to the characters and combined with a dark plotline, the story quickly became full of suspense.

The characters (even the secondary ones) are really well described. Ivory’s perception and attention to detail makes her instantly likeable. Additionally, the fact that you first see Ivory at a very low point in her life, makes it easy to sympathise with her. She’s hurt, and has every right to be. You join her at her lows, her highs and every emotion in between. What makes this book more in-depth is the raw edginess of the novel. Dramatic and very tense! The setting, the story, the atmosphere- I was immediately absorbed into Ivory’s world and was on her side from the start. When the ‘offer’ of revenge first popped up I thought- go for it girl! What have you got to lose? Perhaps I said those words too soon…

I really don’t want to post any spoilers as there are lots of twists, turns and total ‘OMG’ moments… I mean the ending- did NOT see that coming! No spoilers though! 😉

I would describe this book as “a dramatic steamy story about love and revenge from a woman scorned with a dark and urbanesque twist.”

I have said it before (See H.L.F review) and I’ll say it again… Shawn C. Thompson is the one to watch! I hope he continues to send me his books to read! Also… there is a sequel to H.L.F coming soon! Cannot wait to find out what’s in store next for the characters!

Also, for all the American readers, Shawn Thompson is doing a book signing! (I myself would love to go… but I’m in the UK) here is the info:

shawn c thompson book signing

You can follow the author on his Instagram page: @author_shawnchris

And see his website: http://authorshawnchris.weebly.com/

Here is the link so you can gt a copy for yourself! And while you’re at it, go check out his debut book ‘Homie. Lover. Friend’.


The author has also very kindly joined this blog’s campaign to get more people to read! Stay tuned as his will be the launch post about encouraging more people to read!

Thanks once again for Shawn C. Thompson for contacting me! I received this book for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Happy reading! Lx

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