“Scream bloody murder…”

Good morning all!

I have a requested review for you today for all you murder mystery fans! (MWAHAHAHA) The book is ‘Murder in little Shendon’ by A. H. Richardson.

The book starts off looking at the character of the eccentric, and not well liked, Mr Bartholomew Fynche. He’s not alive for very long as he is “very very dead” (he is murdered with a candlestick, quite brutal and gory!)… but who is the murderer?

From the very start, this book is engaging in a quirky an unusual way for a murder mystery. BUT- it really works! For example, it had a very cluedo-y feel (I used to love that board game!). The weapon, the descriptive and notable settings and the stock characters made me feel like I was right back in the library with Professor Plum with the lead pipe! 😉 The characters were also whimsically imaginative such as Burgess and Hobbs which I felt worked well within the book as a quirky duo. They do have a big challenge on their hands as the most dislikeable person in the village has just been killed and everyone (literally everyone) is a suspect.

I have to say, at some points I felt there were too many characters to keep up with which slowed down the pace of the plot. It tended to trail off on tangents, which I guess some were red- herrings, but in general, the story line could have left out a few of the lesser characters. Additionally, there were some monotone scenes which decreased tension in the plot and I was rushing to the end of the scene to get “back in the action” as it were.

But believe me when I say this book will keep you hooked until the very last moment! I thought the narrative was an interesting choice as well. In my opinion, it was very script-like and the story could be easily portrayed through a film or an extravagant theatre production. The narrative style made me think of the film ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ which has the same kind of perspective as this story. Have you heard of it? All the way through this book I felt as if Emma Thompson was reading it to me! I quite enjoyed this element and hope to read more books like this in the future. This story could easily be performed as a theatrical masterpiece and did remind me of the production ‘Witness for the Prosecution’, by Agatha Christie; initially a story, she adapted it into play format too. I would enjoy seeing these characters come to life!

From deception and spies, mystery and lies, this book is full of twists and turns. In short, I would describe this book as ‘a peculiar and quirky twist on an old genre, giving it a fresh yet sophisticated feel’. I would recommend to those fans of Agatha Christie as it reminded me of her work. Additionally, for those fans of modern crime literature, this book is written in a different style which I think would be enjoyed by most mystery fans!

Get your hands on a copy! https://www.amazon.com/Murder-Little-Shendon-H-Richardson/dp/1515283976

Happy reading! Lx

Stay tuned for some more requested reviews this week in addition to a few special guest posts on Books Beyond The Story!

I received this book from book promotion services for free in exchange for an honest review.

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