“Don’t let the sun go down on me…”

Morning all! Who doesn’t love a bit of Elton and George first thing?!

As promised, this post is about what’s happening on Books Beyond The Story over the next few months! I get lots of emails and comments/ questions about what posts to look out for etc. so I thought I’d post about posts! Are you with me so far? Great! 😉

But first, since my return off my hols, I thought I’d post my top tips for picking out a holiday read!

When I pack to go on holiday, the first thing I think of is “what book(s) am I going to take?” and I know I’m not the only one! I always say I want a good book to take with me, but what constitutes as a good book?

This can be a little bit of a no-brainer but I’d say, pick a genre of book you actually like. I’m sure at some point we’ve fallen into the trap of maybe picking a book that ‘we’ve always wanted to read but not had the time to’ but perhaps there was a reason you hadn’t got round to reading it yet… it wasn’t your cup of tea.

For example, I do pretty much read anything (and even force myself to try and read new genres/ styles of writing) and I enjoy it. But If I want to pick a good book (there’s that word again) to take with me, I actually lean towards crime/ mystery thrillers. This is because I genuinely love that genre so chances are I will enjoy the book. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of genres but I never want to take anything too heavy on my hols. For instance, I think ‘Crime and Punishment’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky is a fantastic piece of literature, but when lying on a sunbed by the pool I much prefer something a little lighter. Of course, if you prefer those sort of books, go for it! It’s all about preference, about what you want to read.

When you’re on your hols, as much as I love books and reading, If you’re like me you actually want to go out and sight-see and do other things as well. This is also why I pick a lighter book to read. If you’re only reading short snippets every now and again, a book with an intense story line isn’t exactly the easiest thing to start and stop regularly, in my experience anyway. Crime/thriller books (not all but a lot) tend to have short chapters to keep the story moving quickly. I find this easier to put down and pick up again and still enjoy the plot. Again, it’s all about preference but I really do favour the crime genre!

However, I do also like taking romantic dramas with me too. There’s something about the sun and the sea that puts me in the mood for a good chick-lit story. Additionally, historical drama’s are also a good choice. A genre that you really like is 99% of the time enjoyable. On my hols this time I took ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’, ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ and ‘The Child’. Although I was going for only a week, I do tend to go through books quite quickly (and I was also halfway through one of them anyway). And, in my defence, it was only 2 books to start with until I reached the duty free part of the airport and my boyfriend had to rescue me from going into a new book buying meltdown. Again, if you’re a bibliophile you’ve probably experienced one of those at some point… and so I got a copy of ‘The Child’.

In addition to genre I guess you do have to think of the weight of the book(s) as you’re only allowed so much carry-on weight on the plane… sometimes you just have to make tough decisions!

Additionally, with the rise of ebooks, taking a kindle/e-reader on holiday may be beneficial. My only advice would be to be very careful around water as although dropping a book in the pool is bad, in my opinion damaging a kindle is worse… because of the hundreds of potential books stored! But it would mean that you can take quite a number of books with you! (Just be careful!)

If you’re still not sure if you think you’ll like a book (no one wants to be stuck abroad with a book you’re not enjoying!) go onto goodreads or amazon and read customer reviews. They will say if their review contain’s spoilers so don’t worry! You tend to get a general feel for a book when looking at what other’s thought of it. And there are star ratings which I also find useful when researching a new book to read! And err, you know I dabble in book reviews so go ahead and scroll through some of my favourites!

So- to sum up…

  1. Pick a genre of book you are actually interested in
  2. Short chapters are good if you’re stopping and starting a lot
  3. Pick something light and easy to read (but still something that interests you)
  4. Have a look at customer reviews on review sites
  5. Have fun on your hols!

Hope you enjoyed this little holiday book search summary!

Now, here’s what’s going to happen on Books Beyond the Story over the next few months…

Firstly I will be attempting to post a ton of author requested reviews by the end of August! (I know there’s only half the month left!) But I’m so excited to post my reviews! I also have a blog tour coming on the 21st (check my twitter feed for details @ books_b_t_story) but more info will be announced nearer the time! September is also a busy month with themed weeks and more requested reviews! In addition to some book promotions and author appreciation specials! 🙂

I have also been busy asking authors, publishers and bloggers to get involved in a campaign to get more people interested in reading. It’s an ongoing campaign where I’ve asked people to say what their favourite book is and why it’s important to read. If you’re interested, go on my contact page and email me and I’ll give you a little more info! It’s a campaign I hope to keep going and every now and again feature an author or blogger on here!

Fuuuuuuurthermore (bear with me nearly done!) I am also now on Netgally (booksbeyondthestory) so you can find me on there with feedback of books! Authors, you are also welcome to let me know if your book is on there and I will be happy to download it after messaging you!

So stay tuned, and for now… Happy reading! lx

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