“Freak of nature…”

Hello everyone!

Continuing with this week’s theme of short stories, I have reviewed Elias Zanbaka’s short story Environmentally Friendly’.

“BAM” “POW” “WHAM” Imagine from page one you’re plunged straight into the action. It’s a bit like turning on the telly and seeing a fight on the 60’s show ‘Batman’ mid-way through!

Zanbaka chucks you in at the deep end surrounded by storms, fire, and an escaped psychiatric patient wreaking havoc on Mother Nature. Armed with various weapons, the chase it on the catch him and stop him before it’s too late

To be honest, for most of the novel, I was so confused by the plot I didn’t connect with the characters. However I think what best describes this story is if you treat is like an individual scene from an action movie. I thought this was of writing was original and interesting.

Although the plot was a little ‘here, there and everywhere,’ I had fantastic mental imagery whilst reading the story. I could see the fire, the storms, the fear… and although I would have liked to know the background of the characters more, I could still feel the tension between them! (Especially by their use of profanities XD )

I also thought the ‘target’ in this story was interesting. I wondered how anyone would take ‘revenge’ on Mother Nature however this story was imaginative even if farfetched at times.

The story is only 22 pages long (when reading it on windows app ‘total reader’) so naturally, this review isn’t quite as long as my others as I may spoil the story!

I would recommend this story for anyone who fancies reading something packed with action from the word ‘go’ (or rather the word ‘sergeant’ as that’s the first word in the story!). The story is different to anything I’ve ever read in this format and although not really my cup-of-tea, I am intrigued to see what else the author conjures up!

I would describe this story as a ‘short little fire-cracker with plenty of energy and action’.

Thank you Elias Zanbaka for a free digital copy of your book in exchange for an honest review!

Stay tuned for more short story reviews this week (which may spill over into next week if I keep getting fantastic feedback from my blog readers!)

Happy reading! Lx

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