“Tinker, Taylor, Lodger, Spy…”

Hello wonderful readers! Thank you for finding yourselves yet again on my blog! I thought this week I shall post some short story reviews (including an author requested short story!) I was originally going to post this review to wrap up crime month but thought I’d save it for this week to spice up my blog a bit!

This short story is is called “The Lodger” written by C. L. Taylor. I have reviewed a few books by Taylor so far and she has never failed to disappoint! Taylor specialises in psychological thrillers and I was hoping for just the right amount of suspense a short-story would conjure up!

A year on from losing her fiancé, Laura is struggling to cope with what first appears like grief. Revisiting the accident with close friends, they can see Laura is not herself. What’s more disturbing is that throughout the book, eerie accounts of someone watching Laura keep you on edge. As the narrative continues, gaps start to fill up but only just enough to keep you guessing.

“The Lodger”, as a title itself, keeps you guessing throughout the story. Taylor has a way of making you think one thing then revealing something completely different! I don’t want to say too much as it would spoil the story as it’s only short! What I will say is that the main characters were well developed even though the story was short. I would have liked to connect with the secondary characters a bit more as when suspects stacked up I wanted to get more of a feel for who may be at fault… I WILL SAY NO MORE (no spoilers remember?) But I will say that for a short story, the tension builds quickly but still just as stimulating as her full length novels. Equally, I think the plot was well established; with some short stories there isn’t a lot of detail and perhaps you can’t get a god sense of the setting/plot themes/story lines. However, this book was wonderfully written and easy to read!

A fantastic short story with a thrilling plot twist!

I would recommend this story for fans of C. L. Taylor and lovers of thrillers and mysteries! This was a very interesting take on a story I haven’t read anything like before! Eerily captivating with a strong spine-tingling tale!

Stay tuned for more short story reviews this week! Happy reading! Lx

Taylor gives a lot back to fans and this book was free by signing up to her newsletter! I recommend you sign up!



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