“L’Austen Translation”


How is everyone? Thank you for visiting my blog! I had the most amazing day location shooting for my book blog and got some fantastic shots (If I do say so myself!) Since my crime moth is coming up filled with mystery and dark chilling themes I thought I’d switch it up a bit and before my ‘Crime Special’ starts, I’d do something a little more traditional. It doesn’t get more traditional than some of the world’s most loved classic books by a beloved author, Jane Austen. More Austen books to brighten up my blog after crime month has finished!

Now, it may shock you that I have not always been an Austen fan.  A few years ago, I attempted to read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ but it wasn’t what I expected. I struggled with the language and the ‘old-timey’ talk… I didn’t anticipate the level of concentration needed! I didn’t know a lot about Austen at that time and after learning about her and her life I was moved and wanted to revisit her books.  My first Austen novel I read in full was ‘Sense and Sensibility’.  Even after reading some of her other works this one is still my favourite- story wise. As a writing style, once I had set aside the language and taken a step back, I found her work fresh and exciting even in today’s generation. I didn’t always think so; sometimes if a plot is slow to start or perhaps a little pretentious I never found myself ‘hooked’ as it were. Yet learning about Jane herself, it would appear she herself would be considered a heroine in a book about her life. I don’t believe she was in any way pretentious and in fact was described as ‘odd’ by people. She was intelligent but brave, curious and free spirited. She loved writing and being creative hence her stories. I learned that money usually came before love in Austen’s generation, something Jane did not agree with; at least in fiction, love conquered all. After ‘Sense and Sensibility’, I read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ again, where the money VS love theme is again prominent. I think some of her books are quite remarkable; way ahead of their time I mean. Women were still far from achieving equality in Jane’s lifetime and for her to have strong female leads in her books was revolutionary. Female characters with wit, refreshing ideas and a sense of purpose are all prominent in her books. It’s as if she is reflected in her stories. Perhaps she was considered odd because she was different… that to me says ‘strength’. I think she was comfortable in her own skin, wrote what she wanted to write and took everything in her stride. Look at ‘Emma’, and I think you will see the resemblance.

I am now a fully-pledged Austen fan. I really like her stories and perhaps appreciate them more after learning more about her. If you are not a keen Austen fan, I would recommend reading up on her life and personality and maybe you will see Jane and her books in a different light. I sure did! This quirky, witty and creative girl managed to invent a legacy for herself. I wish she would have seen how successful her books turned out to be. I think everyone should read an Austen novel, and stick with it! It will be worth it! Didn’t like her at first? Revisit! You may be surprised!

I hope you enjoy this Austen-esque theme before crime month kicks off! This particular book has excerpts from Jane Austen novels, plays, witticisms, etc and sheds a light on the women who wrote some amazing books. I would recommend this book if you are a long term fan, want to take a peek at her work, or interested in her stories!

More pictures to follow after crime month is finished!

This was taken at Castle Howard, but what you don’t see is the full backpack of books I had to heave round all day to make the most of it! It was worth it!

Happy reading! Lx

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