“The ‘poems’ and the showgirl”

Hey there everyone! Today’s theme is role models/icons.

I have many icons from authors to explorers, scientists to feminists (and not forgetting my mum!) but today I ask you, who is your literary role model? I have hundreds if not thousands of authors I look up to. There are some truly beautiful people who have written the most astonishing, heartbreaking-ly stunning novels and it would take me a lifetime to say each one and why. For example, I adore J.K.Rowling; her story is so inspirational and people from all generations look up to her. So they should. Her success is down to her strength, and she has created a magical world that will stand the test of time.

But today I am going to talk about a different woman. A woman who should be looked at as an icon, even if some may disagree with me. Hopefully I can change your mind.

What comes to mind when you hear the name ‘Marilyn Monroe’? A blonde bombshell on the big screen? A tragic story? A dumb blonde? Well actually, Marilyn was anything but dumb. When you hear ‘Marilyn Monroe’, you should think of a head-strong woman who made a career for herself, chose the movies she wanted to be in, put every inch of effort into her acting and empowered women for who they were. She created her own company and even chose the directors to film in the end, something the biz’ was not used to at the time. She was remarkable.

But did you know she was also a big literary fan? She wrote poems in her diary, on the back of restaurant menus, a view of her most intimate thoughts and fears.

“Only parts of us will ever touch parts of others”

I believe if you read someones poetry, you see their heart and soul reflecting on the page. I implore you to to read some of her poems if you get a spare minute. It may even change your way of thinking about her.

Marilyn also loved to read; modern and the classics. She was smart. Intelligent and creative. After all, she did create the character of ‘Marilyn Monroe’. She knew her walk, her talk, her style. But also her ambition, her class, her intelligence.

“Fragments” is a really special collection. I sometimes feel as if biographers documenting her life give too much of their own opinion on her rather than fact. But these poems are real, they’re from her heart. I believe the real Marilyn comes out in these poems a lot. I really think they’re worth a read.

I hope you find this women as intriguing as I did.

Gone too soon, she really was a remarkable woman.

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