“There is no other like my mother”

Hello again lovely readers! It’s Mother’s day! And don’t I have a treat for you! I’ve put together a selection of books I think fit today’s theme!

I’ve dedicated this post to my mum- thank you for all your kindness, support, guidance and love. Happy Mother’s day!

The Books

‘The Daughter’s secret’ by Eva Holland. “Living with the circumstances of a horrific event years ago, the past starts to come back to haunt both mother and daughter, but will history repeat itself?” This book is for those who love reading suspense thrillers and crime, it will keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing! (Full review on my blog)

‘By the time you read this’ by Lola Jaye. “When Lois’s father dies, he leaves her a manual for life. It will be treasured as her greatest gift to guide her and all the events that life brings.” Although a tear jerker, I really enjoyed this book. It will pull at your heart strings and leave a lump in your throat.

‘There is always more to say’ by Lynda Spiro. “A story of love and friendship spanning over two decades is told through the eyes of someone contemplating their past and future.” I know mums are busy bees and rarely have time to sit down! This book is perfect as it’s a shorter read, but I am sure even the busiest bee will be hooked till the end of this book! Intriguing, unusual and overall heart-warming. (full review on my blog)

‘Blue’ by Danielle Steel. “When Ginny loses her family in a tragic accident, she struggles to move on. However when she meets someone in need, her life may just take on a new purpose.” My mum loves Danielle Steel novels and it’s not hard to see why! I have read a few books of hers (I clearly take after my mum) and I have to say ‘Blue’ is one of my favourites of Steel’s. (full review on my blog)

‘Can you keep a secret?’ By Sophie Kinsella. When Emma, a kind but head-strong woman working in London, finds herself revealing her deepest secrets during a panic attack on a plane to a stranger, she believes she will never see him again… Only to find this mysterious man turn up at her work!” A great ‘had to be fate’ story, full of charm and wit. Chick-lit fans will love!

‘Rosie’ by Lesley Pearse. “When tragedy and horror strikes young Rosie, she plans to not let her past define her and makes a life for herself. But when people from her past start to encroach on Rosie, dark secrets start to reveal themselves. Can good ever come from evil?” You know me by now, a true Lesley Pearse fan. I think any one of her book would be a fantastic read for today’s theme!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

I have some author requested books I am going to post next week too! What a treat for you! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Let me know either on this blog or social media (see contact info) if you have read any of these books/ want to read!

Happy reading! Lx

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