“Words lurking in the shadows…”


Hello wonderful readers of my blog! This week, the world is celebrating poetry… And I have a treat for you! I am honoured to review Dr. Nazreen’s collection of poetry titled ‘Shadows of Life’. I was given a free copy of this collection in exchange for a free review.

If you are thinking of reading more poetry, this could honestly not be a better collection. If you are still unsure, let me ask you this… Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t find the right words to say? Where you wanted to perfectly describe what you feel but cannot do your heart justice? What if I told you that out there is a perfect representation of your thoughts, your most inner desires, your deepest love, all written down? And then what if I told you that it is easy to find, easy to read and easy to grasp the raw soulful edge you feel so intimately? Now I have your attention, here is the review for a collection of poetry that I am sure if you read, you won’t regret it.

I could easily go through and review every poem of Nazreen’s collection, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise! The book is set out in three parts with each part containing a collection of poems. It was so hard to choose but I have selected my favourite poem from each part to encourage you to read this book!

Part 1


This poem was honestly one of my favourites for a few reasons. I have been a longstanding fan of poetry, all the way from Byron to Duffy, but one of my favourite classic poets is Emily Dickinson. Though every poem, in my opinion, is different, I felt as though if Emily was alive today, she would be writing a poem like this. It’s a modern take on poetry with classic values and a deep significance towards people’s goals in life… to be happy. If I were to say what my goal was in life, it is that each day is filled with happiness. I adored this poem! Additionally, if you are new to poetry, I would certainly recommend this book. A lot of the poems are quite short, only a stanza or two. I am sure after you have read a few, I mean really read them, you will feel your soul radiating upon the pages…

Part 2


Another poem I enjoyed. A very descriptive poem I felt blessed to read. And one I interpreted to be a soulful celebration of joy. This collection is full of love, loss, tragedy and life and I believe there is at least a poem in this collection even the most sceptical person would enjoy. I am very open minded about poetry and this collection really makes you think and reflect. I personally enjoyed poems that perfectly summed up my life at this moment in time; I am deeply in love with my partner (love you sweetie 😉 ), I am embracing life’s challenges and making the most of my happiness. But also it reminded me of my personal struggles and how far I have come. If anything, this collection speaks to you, understands your pain, reminds you of your strength and celebrates your happiness.

Part 3

“Light of my life”

One of the longer poems in the collection; a deep metaphor that I thought was one of Nazreen’s best! Each poem is unique and wonderful, but in my personal opinion, this poem reflects the authors writing style, a bit like the trunk of a tree with various branches reflecting each other… (a bit like the cover!)  A lot of the longer poems in this collection tell a story, so if you’re not a usual fan of poetry, I would recommend reading this collection also. I do realise I have selected the more ‘love’ themed poems of the collection, but as I said this collection holds a lot of themes of tragedy, loss, even heartache. The poems I have selected as my favourites are my personal opinions, and they will be up there in my collection of favourite poems of all time!


I hope you enjoyed my review, how do you start a review of 80+ poems? I hope I have done this collection justice!

Poems in this book can span from ‘Schizophrenic’s desk’, to ‘A Handful of Dreams’ and even ‘Forever and a day more’, there is a poem in this book that everyone will enjoy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you are still sceptical, I understand… the mundane analysis of poems in school may have dampened your view on the beauty of prose, however I promise you this collection will not let you down and will restore your faith in poetry! I hope I have encouraged you to read this collection!

To sum up, I would say this collection is a triumph of modern day reflections on society, love, loss and life. The poems are so emotionally passionate, the words almost jump out at you, captivating your thoughts, fears and desires.  Thank you Nazreen for contacting me, I honestly loved your collection and am honoured to have reviewed it.

You can find all the information about getting your hands on a copy by visiting https://drnazreen.wordpress.com/

Happy reading! Lx


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