“It looks a bit Grimm”

Hello wonderful people who have taken time out of your busy day to read this blog! For old readers, glad to see you again! For new readers, welcome!

Everyone has been celebrating books around the world this week! AS THEY SHOULD! Not only has world book day been celebrated, but it was also Dr. Seuss’s birthday on 02/03! I used to love dressing up for world book day: it varied from Disney characters to a hand-made library hat… and one year I actually went as an actual book- yes an actual book. It was a Winnie-the-pooh book made out of cardboard, I was so happy!

As a child, I loved reading fairy tales and as I got older that love never faded. However, some twists were involved that I was unaware of as a child: the dark side of fantasy. A lot of books have twisted the fairy-tale genre into something Gothic, taboo and wonderfully weird. For example, Angel Carter’s book ‘The Bloody Chamber‘ is full of short stories about fairy tales with a dark twist! I aim to read Angela Carter’s book of fairy tales too! But stories had to start somewhere: The Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Anderson created the tales as well as some other folk lore that wormed its way into author’s imaginations throughout the ages. This special edition of Grimm’s fairy tales is also beautifully illustrated which just adds to the magic. Thank you Grimm brothers for giving us stories such as Cinderella, Rapunzel and many more…

These stories have stood the test of time and whatever version, will be enjoyed by all.

Happy reading! Hope you have all have a wonderful week celebrating books! Lx


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