“Don’t you trust me?”

Hello wonderful blog readers! As promised, here is my review for my favourite Lesley Pearse novel ‘Trust Me’. Like most of Pearse’s stories, the themes of love, loss, tragedy, growth and adventure intertwine and this novel is no exception. My first Lesley Pearse novel I read was ‘Gypsy’ and I fell in love with her writing style. I then read ‘A Lesser Evil’ and ‘Till We Meet Again’  until I discovered ‘Trust Me’ which went above and beyond my expectations. Here is a little about the book (NO SPOILERS I PROMISE, just a small section at the bottom with plenty of warning asking questions about the book) a blurb in my own words.

“Two sisters, struck by tragedy are moved to an orphanage where they are treated poorly. Wanting a better life, the sisters are shipped off to Australia where they hope they will flourish. This is not the case. Dulcie and her sister May are constantly betrayed by those who they trusted most and when certain events take place, their faith is tested in the most horrific way. Adventure, loss and love combine to make this beautiful book where you will discover the true meaning of trust…”

The review


Dulcie and May, although sisters, could not be more different. You instantly care and sympathize with Dulcie yet I found May very dis-likable. However that does not make her an uninteresting character- in fact, her story is intriguing and certain events will leave you curious about her background and perspective.

Both sisters are betrayed drastically by both the ones they love and the ones they trust. However how they handle it will shape their lives and themselves forever.

Dulcie is one of my favourite characters by Lesley Pearse if not in my top 10 characters of all time! Her courage, hope and faith make the saying “never give up” the epitome of her. I was left bewildered by her constant attitude to fix and improve everything that goes wrong and everyone who has done wrong and wants to make it right. Her forgiveness is brave and her ambition is strong. I am sure you will love this character as much as I do.


This story has so many elements that combine to made a harrowing yet wonderful plot. Even though the beginning is so far from the end, you never lose the small innocence of the sisters and where they came from. You understand how different the characters shape their lives with the events that happen within the story. This is everything you want in a book; fantastic story, gripping plot and a sense of achievement after finishing this novel but also sad because there is no more of the story!


The story is set in various places around the world, yet Australia takes the biscuit! Lesley Pearse has also written about Australia in her book ‘Remember Me’ which I also enjoyed. Her perspective and knowledge of the place is so wonderfully imagined with a picturesque view of all the scenes the sisters witness.


This book is phenomenal and perfect for travelling if you like a chunky book to read whilst away! (LIKE ME!) I adored the characters, the plot, the setting, everything about this book! This book taught me that not all books have to be happy nor sad; certain aspects and events happen that although are tragic, can build strength, character and courage. A little bit like life really. Know that saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’? well- just that! I am sure you will not be disappointed in this story, and I’m sure this novel will teach you things you may not have known and discover things you forgot long ago.

Happy reading! Lx







  1.  What do you think of Dulcie and May’s father- was he guilty or not? Due to the accounts given by his children are they trusted with what actually happened?
  2. Do you think Dulcie ever really forgave May for what she did?
  3. Do you think that when the sisters experienced different events, that’s what made them so different and why their lives took different paths? If so, which events?
  4. Do you think Dulcie will be able to love May’s child as her own?
  5. Was there a happy ending?

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