“There is a ‘book’ out there for everyone!”

Happy Valentines Day!

Today’s post is titled “There is a book out there for everyone!” Something I firmly believe! Whether you’re loved up, booked up or fed up, I hope one of these books takes your interest! I’ve tried picking one from most genres, some even cross over! I am sure there is at least one book here that takes your interest. There may even be one that inspires you to read out your comfort zone! I have written my own little blurbs of the books, hope you enjoy! Starting from the bottom-up:

Historical romance/Based on a true story/Adventure/Drama: Lesley Pearse ‘Remember Me’

If you’re a fan of Jodi Picoult, you will love this book! Plus it has the added bonus of the book being based on a true story!

1786, a girl is sentenced to death for theft, yet her story does not end here. Her crime takes her to Australia, one of the first convicts to be transported. Will she find love? What of her crime? Will she escape her harsh reality of life? Based on a true story…

Psychological thriller/ Adult/ Gore/Drama: A. R. Torre ‘The Girl in 6E’

This book is definitely 18+ as the content is quite dark and  has’adult themes’. It was book I was skeptical about but I found that I couldn’t put it down. I love crime thrillers but this book was a little different, more edgy…

Don’t leave the apartment. Never let anyone in. Don’t kill anyone. A cam girl, warped by her past and obsessed with death, keeps herself locked away in her apartment. Yet when a strange ‘customer’ makes a sick impression, she has to chose between saving a life, but with the risk of endangering others…

Classics/Romance/Literature/Drama: Charlotte Bronte ‘Jane Eyre’ 

Little biased here as this is my favourite book from all the Bronte family works! I have a big place in my heart for classics; the language is exquisite and the stories are beautiful. ‘They just don’t write them like this anymore’

After a horrific childhood with wicked relatives and a school that treats her no better, Jane, an orphan, begins a new chapter in her life at Thornfield Hall to live as a governess. However, the mysterious and Byronic Mr Rochester makes an impression on her heart making the story not so simple. Having to confront the demons of her past and the secrets of her present, will she ever find happiness and solace in the future?

Horror/supernatural/fantasy: Stephen King ”Salem’s Lot’

Stephen King is known for his horror stories. This is among my top 3 King books (It being a close 2nd and ‘The Green Mile taking the top spot!) and how could I not put this here? I believe Stephen King is a separate genre himself! His books are brilliant and I even think those skeptical will enjoy his work.

A small New England own, a writer who is haunted by his past, a mysterious man, and perhaps a few vampires? Certain events spark the interest of a man who returns to the Lot where some eerie forces lurk in the darkness. Nothing out of the ordinary, however more and more occurrences make this supernatural horror come to life…

Romance/Adventure/Historical/Drama: Lesley Pearse ‘Gypsy’

Another Pearse book, I know. I am  HUGE fan! However her stories are so different. This was the first Pearse book I ever read and after reading it I have acquired most of her books! Her style of writing is also unique and I believe her stories will latch onto your heart as they did mine.

When  a small family are suddenly orphaned, a young girl and her brother try to make a life for their younger sister. However when opportunity strikes for a better life for themselves, they travel to America to be part of the ‘gold rush’ era. Falling on hard times, the girl uses her musical talent to charm her way to a better life. Tragedy, love, which one will conquer? With much hardship, will the girl ever find happiness?

Thriller/Spy/Mystery: John Buchan ‘The thirty-nine Steps’

My most recent read, I was intrigued by this book and was given this as an early Valentines Day gift off my boyfriend! He knows me so well. A shorter read than I had anticipated, this fast-paced novel will have you hooked! And being a short read, possible to read in one sitting! Perfect for ‘on-the-go’!

A man named Richard Hannay is bored of his own loathsome attitude is visited by a stranger. Who is this man? What does he want? Soon the plot thickens and Hannay is suspected of murder and flees to escape his fate. What happened? How did he get tangled up in this? What are the thirty-nine steps?

Mystery/Conspiracy/Drama: Diane Chamberlain ‘The Lost Daughter’

My latest blog post (see “Lies require concealment”) is a combination of mystery, conspiracy and drama. Moral values are judges, wrongs are righted and secrets come out. I would highly recommend this book if you are interested in a book that makes the impossible possible… You’ll be hooked!

Ceecee Wilkes never thought she would be tangle up in a conspiracy where a governors pregnant wife is kidnapped. In a snap decision, her life is changed forever. Two decades later, her past is starting to reveal itself after remains were found. But what happened to the child? Only Ceecee knows. Her secrets affect not just her, but the ones she loves. She will risk everything to protect the lost daughter, but in doing so, she must confront her past…

Let me know if you’ve read or want to read these books! I always love feedback on your thoughts and ideas! See ‘contact’ page! Happy reading! Lx

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