“Hello? It’s for yew…”

Hello lovelies! I have decided to do a review of the eagerly anticipated book ‘A Monster Calls’ by Patrick Ness which is not a major motion picture! I will say this is quite a short read compared to some books so before you see the film I would advise you to read the book as it is AMAZING! Firstly it should be said that this book was written originally by Siobhan Dowd, but she died before she could finish the book and so Patrick Ness took over. I believe he has done this story justice and can’t imagine another author taking on such a tremendous role. His other works include ‘The Knife of Never Letting Go’ and ‘Monsters of Men’ and he writes a wonderful tribute to Down in the front of ‘A Monster Calls’. I have written a short one of my own underneath before the review.

A special tribute to Siobhan Dowd

I would just like to say a few words about this truly amazing author. Growing up I have always loved books and Dowd wrote so many wonderful books in her lifetime it seems only fair to say that she will be greatly missed in the reading world. The last book she managed to finish before her passing was ‘Bog Child’ and I would certainly give it a read. Dowd has a way with words that moves you and entices you to read more. I have read most of Dowd’s books and a special applause to Ness who managed to carry on her amazing story in ‘A Monster Calls’. Siobhan Dowd, you will be missed, thank you for all the wonderful books you have given to the world and the remarkable stories they tell.

The review

Although classed as a YA novel, I believe anyone of any age would enjoy this read!

The book starts off with a mysterious yew tree (You get the title eh?) and a troubled boy called Conor. Conor is going through a difficult time and struggling to connect with his family and hang on to his ill mother. On-top of all that he keeps having a horrendous nightmare which he is finding hard to come to terms with… all until a monster calls. Is he friend or is he foe? Read and find out!

Discover the tales that intertwines memories, mystery and morals and see if you learn anything from this strange and invigorating story. Ness has created a world where dreams may not just be dreams and reality is not what it seems. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Happy reading! Lx

P.s… Here is a picture from the Kings Cross & St Pancras underground advertising the movie! I am interested to go see it and compare it to the book! I would avise you to read the book first as it it so wonderful! Also, below the picture includes spoilers so don’t look if you don’t want to know the story! I had a few discussion points for those that had read the book… Happy reading and let me know what you think! Lximg_5052




For anyone who has read the book, I ask you this question…  Do you think the yew tree monster was in Conor’s head or not? I am puzzled as he keeps picking up branches off the floor and berries after the monster has visited him. Yet in the scene with the school, no one can see the monster, only Conor. A few thoughts from people I have discussed this with: 1) The monster is real but only Conor can see him as he is the only one that needs him and the yew tree only shows his true form to those who need it most. Or, 2) The tree is a refection of Conor himself, a sort of conscience showing him right from wrong. Others say that 3) the tree is not real at all and is still the ongoing nightmare, yet I prefer the first two theories. Let me know what you think! Happy reading! Lx






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