“Serial heartbreaker…”


Look at the first page of this book and tell me you’re not interested… go on… you can’t can you? Well neither could I! …

oxy pg 1.png

You may have seen the cover of this book on social media, displayed in shop windows, on book blogs, but there is a reason why. This relatively small book stands on its own; I have never read a book like this one before, I am sure no other exists. Although the author of this book is cruel and unkind, there are parts where you can relate to him…

“They say you’re not punished for your sins, you’re punished by them”

“Hurt people hurt people”

“That was the moment I knew I’d have to do this thing alone. This thing being life.

Relate-able yet, not similar…

You can read this book in whatever mood you’re in, but after reading you’ll be transported to a feeling of thought. This book makes you think but was never meant to and always meant to at the same time. The sane insanity of the man telling his story is dark yet satisfying all the same. You have a sense of achievement once finishing this book as it’s quite hard to read as you really feel the sense of torture this man has been through but also putting people through.

There were some aspects of the book that were a little uneasy to read. In places, the story lacked a build up to a big climactic event and out of nowhere, developments in the story sometimes occurred unnaturally. Additionally, there is very limited descriptive language about places which made the setting sometimes hard to picture. However I did feel that because of this, you focus more on the narrator’s state of mind than being sidetracked into picturing the setting. After all, it is the protagonist’s thoughts and revelations that make this novel what it is.

This is the story of heartache, heartbreak and soullessness. If you’re intrigued, why not read? What have you got to loose? Your mind perhaps? If you love deep books with meaning, this is definitely one for you. Perhaps the oddest book I’ve ever read, I quite enjoyed the reality of it. Oh and, did I mention it’s a true story?

Happy reading! Lx

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