“Out of the Blue…”

What better way to enter the new year with a wonderful christmassy read! I’ve been so busy revising for uni exams but I still have time to read and post a few reviews! I picked this book out of the blue 😉 and to my surprise, completely fell in love with it! Steele is also one of my mum’s favorite authors so I already had high expectations! This is the first book I’ve bought from Steele, but now i look for her work in every book shop! Set in New York, an ex-news-reporter with a tragic backstory is plunged into an unusual but heartwarming situation when she discovers a homeless boy named ‘Blue’. Her job is selfless and on top of this, her life has not had the best circumstances. I have to say, the end of the book brought tears to my eyes!

I don’t want to spill any secrets of the book as it has so many twists and turns! (NO SPOILERS DON’T PANIC!) But what I will say, is that you will fall in love with this story as much as I did, or at least I certainly hope so!

After the tragic loss of her husband and son near Christmas time, Ginny spends her time away from her flat working in war torn countries helping people. However, when she gets back, fate has another helpless person for her to look out for. As it’s set in the winter with all the ice and snow, this is a perfect wintry Christmas read!

However, the characters make this story- hands down. This was unexpected as I usually find it more difficult to connect with characters that aren’t in first person, but due to Steel’s fantastic writing, you feel am emotional bond with the characters and their stories. You feel happy when they are, feel the sadness behind their words and sense the belonging each of them strives for, nothing but praise for this book!

I have now started reading another of Steele’s books! Another review of her’s will be on as soon as my catalog of ‘books to reviews’ has gone down a little! Wouldn’t it be great if you had an endless library that goes on forever and ever… a girl can dream! You really feel a sense of family when reading this book, I know I rang mum up as soon as I finished! It touches your heart and warms your soul, please read this book!

Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year! Happy reading! Lx


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