“Forget me, forget me not…”

Firstly, what an exquisitely beautiful book. This book brought a tear to my eye more than once, I felt as if the characters were real. In a way they were; transported into the lives of two families, each stricken with the fear of the unknown…

The plot revolves around a boy, well two boys. Noah, who the boy is now, and Tommy, who Noah used to be. Confused? It’s a little harder to get your head around at first. Think of past lives, where one life moves to another after death. Noah wants to go home, or, Tommy’s home. The adventure to find his home is one of tragedy, grief, exhaustion and tugs at your heart strings, but it is a story you’ll cherish and want to read time and time again.

A mother hopelessly trying to give her child the means to go home, how will she ever let go? Or will her love for Noah help her find a way to make him happy? Noah, a boy who is so confused about who he is, will Tommy ever let him go? Tommy, a boy taken from the earth too soon trying to get some answers. Tommy’s mother, trying to live a life after her son was taken from her, unable to find the answers she’s searching for.

If you want a happy book, if you want a sad book, if you want a book that may change the way you think but also thankful for what you have, this is the book for you. This heart-wrenching tale will keep you guessing and frustrate you to find the answers yourself. No spoilers, but you won’t be let down.

Happy reading! Lx

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