‘Scary Mary!’

The wait is OVER! The book that I got from the ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ promotion is none other than Mary Burton’s ‘Before She Dies’! If you’re not ready to say goodbye to the spooky and mysterious season of Halloween just yet, this is a great book before all the Christmassy festive bestsellers hit the shelves! Seeing as you’ve probably seen my previous post, and therefore seeing the blurb, you will not be disappointed with the creepy cover!

First of all, I really enjoyed this book. For someone who doesn’t read many horror books, I may have been put-off by the cover and skipped along to the mystery thrillers but I’m so glad I decided to look at the promotion! I may have never read this book if not!

Delve into the world of carnival psychics, tarot card readers and witches…Where a man seeks to purge the earth of the wicked…And a girl who so desperately tries to forget her past, only to be on the run to save her future. A detective, a lawyer, a witch and a murderer, what could possibly be in store for these creative and memorable characters?

I loved the setting in this book; the way Burton describes the carnival makes you almost taste the candy floss and see the lights right in front of you. I usually connect better with books where I have first hand experience with the setting and so I was, at first, a little distant with the book as I found it hard to imagine certain aspects of the American city. However, everyone can relate to the carnival and since the novel keeps going backwards an forwards to it, it can make you feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland! Being transported into a weird but relatable world made me feel closer to the novel and more in depth with the story.

The characters are also interesting as many twists and turns occur… NO SPOILERS! But the STORY is what makes the book a masterpiece. I would like to read some more works by Burton in the future and am pleased I have gained some perspective on the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover‘ promotion.

If any of you have taken part in the challenge, I’d love to hear your experiences! Comment or tweet me on twitter: @lauren_rkbw

Happy reading! L x

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  1. ireadnovels says:

    You certainly review some good crime books. I’ve added a few to my reading list based on your reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes me so happy! Please let me know what you think of the books once you’ve read them! 😁


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