‘A blind date with a book!’

This post is a little different to the rest! Halloween is just a day away so time for some mystery! I have been so busy with uni work but still had time to read this beauty… book will be revealed in my next post!

I got this book from a cute little book shop (big branded book stores are amazing, I know, but try and look in local business’ book shops or family run book stalls, even second hand shops too, always good to supoprt small retailers as well!) and they had a whole selection on books wrapped in paper. This is a FANTASTIC idea! I like all sorts of genres so I was so excited to pick a mystery book- you literally cannot judge a book by it’s cover! If you only like reading one or two genres this could also be a way to broaden your horizons and see if may you like reading somehting a little different!

Most shops that do this I’ve noticed usually sell these at a lower marked price. They are also normally happy to refund you if you already have the mystery book at home. So ask around, you could gt a bargain and experience a little something different to read!

Heads up- I loved the book underneath the cover! Will reveal in next post!

Happy reading! Lx


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