Monsters and Mystery and Magic- OH MY!

Whilst looking under my bed through a few YA novels I found this beauty and couldn’t help but share it with you! It’s a little different to my usual crime/thriller/romance however I think you’ll like it as it’s comic relief on a twisted plot is a really great read! “Shadow Forest” by  Matt Haig is fantastically funny and magical at the same time!  It’s designed to be fun to read having mini breaks to chat to the author who gives clues, guidance and humor to the novel. It’s one of those books that you can pick up at anytime and will still make you smile. I don’t want to spoil the plot but basically, the book is set in Norway next to, guess what, a forest. Shadow Forest. Two children are sent to live with a distant relative after being orphaned. There is a set of rules about living in their new environment (the main one being NEVER GO INTO THE FOREST). One problem- kids don’t listen and hey ho, they end up in the forest. To be honest, if they didn’t go into the forest, it would be quite a short book with a terribly misleading title. But thankfully, it’s a great plot.

The two children are quickly thrown into a world of monsters, mystery and magic. The story shows how important the bond between siblings is and how family can solve a lot of problems. Its wonderfully written with some great illustrations to inspire your imagination. I still enjoy it even though the YA genre is behind me along with my teen years. Great for a holiday read, rainy day or curiosity.

As always,

Happy reading! LX

Remember to comment/send in your favourite YA fantasy novels, maybe something popular or maybe one that’s not as heard of- enjoy!

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