“Fallen into my arms…”

Say WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! IT’S SUMMER!!! (Queue reading outside whilst dripping ice cream on books) That means it’s time for a YA THROWBACK SPECIAL! Before I got into crime, mystery and romance books, i was fascinated with fantasy! (Romance included though!)  Kicking off we have a  book which I have probably read more than any other YA novel. It’s dark, it’s sophisticated, it’s daring… To sum up the plot, it’s about a girl who after an accident is sent to a school of delinquents where she meets some very unusual and unique characters only to be caught in a love triangle which turns out to be more than just teenage drama when it involves a supernatural fantasy twist! (By the way, she can see things others can’t- oh, didn’t I say she was unique as well? Just a bit!) The writing style is what I can call an ‘easy read.’ It will seriously have you pining wanting to read ‘just one more chapter’ and before you know it it’s 2am and are in no way ready to fall asleep just yet! ‘Fallen’ is a gorgeous book with a few sequel novels you may also enjoy, but the first/original/where it all started is by far my favourite of the series.

Fun little piece o’ the old info fact- I am also biased towards the authors name as it combines mine and my best friends name 😛  coincidences eh?

Happy reading! Lx

P.S. This will be my 10th post on my blog! HOORAYYYY! I love all the support and messages you send me! Thank you so much! Love and Hugs! Lx

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