‘She watched her…Like a Hawk!’

So, to end my top picks this month (thriller wise), I had to read the worldwide phenomenon that is, The Girl on the Train. I only have one thing to say about this book: holy freakin’ WOW! What a topper to my crime-thriller month! I LOVED this book (as you can see it’s a bit battered around the edges as I couldn’t resist but take this on holiday!)

First off, the plot is what makes this book, I adored the plot line: it’s sophisticated, it’s full of suspense, it’s brilliantly written and, it has the modern-esqe edge that creates the atmosphere in this story. I have to say, not many booked have a gripping first chapter, but this one did. I was so impressed at Hawkins’ writing style that I quickly fell in love with its elegance and utterly thrilling plot- I promise- NO SPOILERS! The story revolves around Rachel and, in a nut shell, the life she sees outside the window on the train.

One of the things I loved about this book was the characters perspective, What Rachel may think of a character may be completely different outcome- so is she trustworthy? Is she a reliable source? Whats more is the plot focuses on the disappearance of a woman, the one Rachel sees from her daily train journey. Rachel has frequent black outs but somehow, you sympathize with her and will her to remember in order to help the investigation.

The train is the only prominent setting in the story- every other place revolves around it, which is strange as it constantly moves (metaphor?) As you can see there are lots of things to talk about with this book. I adored every minute of it and was completely blown away by the ending! I would HIGHLY recommend this book! WHSmiths is where I got this- they are still doing the ‘buy one get one half price deal’ and, this edition also has the Richard and Judy book club discussions at the back which can be useful when analyzing the book. (As you can see on my cover -the sticker marks are still visible haha) I hope you enjoy the book, Hawkins deserves every bit of praise she gets! ‘The Girl on the Train’ is also going to be a motion picture soon so keep updated! I would read the book first though- in a nutshell- it’s AWESOME!

Happy reading! Lx

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