“Oh, where have you been, Billy Boy, Billy boy?”

WOW! I adored this book. C.L.Taylor- OMG YOU NAILED IT! Firstly though, what an amazing cover- am I right!? Something about the red coat going into the doom and gloom is pretty effective! Even before reading the first page I knew I was onto a winner!

So the story is written in first person by the mother of the missing child, Clare. Her son Billy has gone missing and as secrets unravel, she is getting closer and closer to finding him but further away from the trust she once gave her own family. DON’T PANIC! No spoilers here! The plot is fantastic though- Clare is a strong character (but doesn’t know it yet) the gaps in her memory left me tense and determined to read on to see if any fragmented piece of information could be found. I was so fond of the way Taylor writes; she describes the characters state of mind which made me sympathize with the characters more, especially Clare.

Even though mostly absent, the character of ‘Billy’ is also unusual as flashbacks and other peoples memories and interpretations give a very different way of feeling about him with everyone’s each individual point of view. The setting is not as important to the story as it usually is in crime thrillers, Taylor appears to create a plot of suspense just with the story and characters alone- PRAISE FOR TAYLOR! I loved this book and would highly recommend it! PLEASE let me know what you think!

Also -take note: at the moment this book is in the Waterstones ‘buy one get one half price’ offer so if you’re thinking about reading it after this review- now is a pretty good time! I’m BEGGING YOU to read this book!!!

Happy reading Lx

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