“Be ‘ware-y’ of the wood”

Okay, so following my picks for ‘Thrill me to the bone,’ this week I finished ‘In a dark dark wood’ by Ruth Ware and oh boy- are you in for a treat! In a nutshell, I loved this book. It was daring, it was different, it was….a deliberately dark and an irresistible read! I could have made this book look more gloomy however, I was on holiday whilst reading and it was one of the best things to read by the pool! Ware somehow draws you into the book; even with the sun rays and beach gear on, I still felt as if I was there in the story. What makes this story good comes down to three things: characters, plot, and most of all, the setting. Ware’s descriptions are so detailed and specific, I imagined as if I was there, a fly on the wall watching the story unravel right in front of me.

As I mentioned, the characters are very imaginative- when they got frustrated, I got frustrated! When they got tense- I got tense! When they got scared- well, you get the picture! The book is told in first person by, believe it or not, a crime writer ‘Lenora (Nora) Shaw’. Her story is amusing and interesting but what makes the book inviting and a bit different, is how the characters are described…. Yes! Again with the descriptions! Ware is  genius with this! So because it’s in Nora’s point of view, the characters are described as she sees them. how she personally feels about them. Because of this I felt more attached to the character which is why the suspense was so good!

Also- the plot is phenomenal. Its a classic crime thriller and I promise if you read this, you will understand why I praise this book so much! From start to finish, the plot is fast-paced which is why it is so easy to lose yourself in this story! (I so totally didn’t start reading at 10 at night and get to bed at 3am…… yeah I so totally did! Haha moving on!) Ware has created a fine example of a modern day crime thriller- nothing but praise!


Happy reading! Lx

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