‘Pearse my soul!’

Here are just a few books I’ve read by the one and only Lesley Pearse! I cannot express how beautifully mesmerizing these books are written! (Pearse is a genius by the way) Tragedy, romance, drama, suspense, cliffhangers, climaxes OMG you must read one of her novels! Each book reviewed separately! But just between you and me, ‘ Trust me’ and ‘Gypsy’ are my faves!!!  #Authorappreciation

Here is a snippet from my review of ‘Trust me

– “… A beautiful tale of love, loss and adventure…This book will ‘Pearse’ your soul… A truly wonderful read…” 

When ‘romance season’ comes in spring I will put up my reviews for the Lesley Pearse books as it would seem fitting! Not all of her books contain romance but all forms of love are found to be intertwined with the themes of Pearse.


Happy reading! L x

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