‘Creature comforts’

My first blog post! Woohoo! Firstly, welcome! If you want to know more about me, click on the’About’ page! I wanted to start this blog with more of a ‘words of wisdom’ feel to it as I wanted a neutral ground to start off my blog with! The book featured is ‘The Daughter’s secret’ by Eva Holland (full review on blog under the title ‘Like Mother Like Daughter’) but this post is mainly about where to read. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading at home in bed with a cup o’ tea and snuggled into a duvet, but there are other places to read. When it’s sunny, read outside! It’s as simple as that (not walking obvs) but take a walk, sit on a bench, read! You never know, you could strike up a conversation with a fellow reader! If you just want to read in private, stick your earphones in! option 1: have no music play and pretend you’re listening to something to deter conversation or, option 2: download an app of soothing noises to listen too whilst reading! okay, also, did you know you can read in the bath? okay, how many of you have dropped a book in the bath- problem solved! Get a dog lead (preferably a flexible one) and attach one end to your book, and the other to a window handle/ curtain or shower rail so if you’re clumsy AF like me- you won’t drop your book in the bath! #NoSoggyPages!  If you can’t carry a large book, maybe invest in a kindle? or e-reader? I love books but they can come in handy for holidays when you have little space for the trilogy of fifty shades of grey! An e-reader may be right for you! So get out there and read, I really do practice what I preach! Give it a go! You might like it!

Happy reading! L x

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